Review: Bloodthirsty Bastard by T.L. Christianson

Bloodthirsty Bastard by T.L. Christianson

Series: Cocky Hero World
Published by  on June 28th 2020
Source: Give Me Books PR
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Rating: 3 out of 5.

All I wanted was to escape the scandal.
The job offer in California was the perfect opportunity to pack up and head West.
A dark, sexy, and mysterious new boss wasn’t in the plan.
And his secrets run deeper than just his business dealings.
When Ethan reveals who and what he truly is, it throws everything I ever thought I knew about the world out the window.
The word alone brings up visions of blood-sucking monsters.
Yet, Ethan is anything but.
Falling for him, with his dashing good looks and honed charm, was almost inevitable.
But we’re from two very different worlds, and the danger in his might just bring an end neither of us saw coming.
Bloodthirsty Bastard – a paranormal story from the Cocky Bastard world you know and love

This was unexpected.
I knew there would be the full gallant of offerings from different genres but I never expected to have a paranormal romance.
I can’t remember the last time I read about the moroi. My tastes have been leaning a lot towards shifters so this was something different from my usual reads and it won’t be seeking out vampire/moroi books in a hurry.
Caroline ‘Caro’ is desperate need of a job and Ethan offers her one. Even though she wants to run away after her mistake on her first day.

However his broodiness keep her around as she want to discover what different and gets thrown for a loop.
There something quite different about Ethan. It wasn’t quite there in terms of storyline. For a moroi who at first needs blood daily. It weird how Caro and his relationship play out as quite human with degree of moroi lifestyle . I know every author has liberties when it comes to creating their mythical creatures but the characteristic seemed to contradict at times.

There was little side notes thrown into the story that never seemed to be addressed and the fact that Audrey and Chase in this story weren’t the friend couple we all know and love. It’s weird seeing them like that given how we all know them so well. I get that this needs to be a dark take in order for the story to work but playing with the characteristics of Audrey and Chase wasn’t favourable to me. The story itself aside from the issue wasn’t bad. It just need to be consistent

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