Review: Alarick (King’s Descendants MC #1) by Bella Jewel

Published by  Bella Jewel
Source: Give Me Books
Genres: MC Suspense Romance
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Rating: 4 out of 5.


Briella’s life has never been perfect, but she’s always been exactly where she wanted to be. When her mother marries into the King’s Descendants Motorcycle Club, everything she thought she knew is about to change. A world she didn’t even know existed is going to consume her.

Her new step brother and friend, Alarick, is the only thing that keeps her sane as she begins to learn that the life she knew and trusted, and the life she’s now living, are two very different things. As she discovers the club, and all the dangers it holds, she finds herself tangled in a world she can’t even begin to comprehend.

It’s dangerous. It scares her.

He’s dangerous. He scares her.

Their love will become toxic. Their hearts will become entangled.

Everything about him will make her question herself.

When tragedy strikes, Briella knows she needs to run. Needing freedom and time away from the pain more than she needs anything else, she leaves her family behind, she leaves him behind, and starts her life anew. However, like all good things, an end is in sight to her new found freedom and she’s forced to go back home to the place she vowed never to return.

A place where Alarick is now President.

A place where her sister is now missing.

A place where so much pain hides in the darkest of corners.

A place where secrets and lies fill all the broken gaps and happiness is a deadly trap.

A place where he does not want her.

Briella will return with her own secrets.

She will have to face the man she ran from.

She will discover everything she thought she knew was a lie.

She will enter a world that is so much darker than she remembers.

She will go back to where it all began, to the King’s Descendants Motorcycle Club.

Two broken souls reunite under circumstances that need really know about in Alarick the first in a new series from Jewels.
Alarick was the one for Briella, even as a child. She had a love for him, despite being step siblings and that love grew over the years. He had her back
Now in the present, their story tells a very different picture. It’s grim and dark with a tiny little bit of hope. Briella is searching for answers and comes back to the life she left behind . Flittering from past to present, this story unfolds with plenty of twists and turns.
As the story unfolds and we learn the truth about their shared history. There is the sense that this story only beginning and it is. As they begin to clash and their passion starts to flair up again there is a moment that changes the course of the story and leaves us hanging.

There is a reason why I came back to a familiar name like Jewel. Her brand is trusted one to me and her stories apply to me as a reader. They are fast and provide a lot of depth in a short time. This series is the best of both worlds. I don’t remember her MC’s being this dark previously but then writing evolves over time and tastes changes. I enjoy a dark take on things and this book definitely delivered it. I can’t wait to read the second part of their story.

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