Review:Sexy Scoundrel by Raisa Greywood

Sexy Scoundrel by Raisa Greywood

Series: Cocky Hero World
Published by  on May 17th 2020
Source: Give Me Books PR
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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Carlina Perez is in way over her head. Unexpectedly jobless and fostering an exotic pet with an insatiable appetite, this pastry chef needs a new gig faster than she can whip up a batch of scones.  But when she’s tapped to serve as the personal chef to a haughty tabloid regular, she only considers the job out of sheer desperation. After all, Giorgio Acardi may be filthy rich and intoxicatingly handsome, but he’s also a first class scoundrel.

Giorgio Acardi has it all:  money, fame, an endless string of beautiful companions, and the respect of his colleagues and rivals. From the outside looking in, his life is perfect. So perfect, in fact, that he’s even got his eye on a new personal chef. She’s talented and gorgeous, and it shouldn’t make a difference whether she hates him or not as long as she does the job. But there’s something about Carlina that Giorgio just can’t resist, and he hasn’t enjoyed success by backing down from a challenge.


This is why I love discovering new to me authors. I get to read a story like this.  Carli’s and Giorgio’s story was one that I couldn’t get enough  of .Despite the blurb  and Carli saying one thing about Giorgio based on tabiods . He was far from it for me personally.  He wanted the best for the people he cared about. It was obvious the way he treated his brother and it just made the romance all the more sweeter.

Carli was the same type of person and honestly,Giorgio was the best thing to happen to her. They both had their problems but they could solve it together. I love how animals had a role in this story. Well a special one and honestly I couldn’t wait to have more of them after reading this story. I really can’t put into words eloquent how much I enjoyed this book so do  a favour and read it for yourself.

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