Review:Fateful Fighter by Kathy Coopmans

Fateful Fighter by Kathy Coopmans

Series: Cocky Hero World
Published by  on May 31st 2020
Source: Give Me Books PR
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Rating: 4 out of 5.

“I want a divorce.”
No woman wants to say those words. No woman who is still in love with her husband anyway.

Our marriage has been tested, repeatedly.
It’s been dragged through tabloids and rumors and fans that just won’t let us be.
Through it all, we’ve remained unbreakable.

We didn’t have the perfect marriage because perfection doesn’t exist.
But we had love. We had trust. We had chemistry that to this day sets everything inside me on fire.

Then one life-threatening statement creates a chain of lies that leaves me no choice but to say those horrible words.

I never thought I’d say them.

I never thought my husband would ignore me when I did.

I never thought the man I love would sever the vows we took.

I never thought I’d pack my bags and move from our home in L.A. to our getaway cottage in Hermosa Beach.

Then again, I never thought he’d choose the fate of his life over his fate with me.

This is a story about a marriage needing rescues and a second chance before it’s too late. Mason and Eden defied the odds to rise above Detroit and make a  good life for themselves.  Connected since children, they have been rocks to each other foster children to husband and wife. Thanks to Mason’s gifts as a boxer, they manage to make a career out of it and he was widely successful.   Yet there is unfinished business that Eden wants never to be touched and Mason is desperately craving.

The question is how far are you willing to go to before you realise you have it all already.

We enter the picture as the cracks in their marriage , become too deep.  Whilst still in love with her husband, Eden has become wary .  She is sick  of coming second to Mason’s dreams.  Coopmans pours everything out about these two .  It’s needed to forge  a new chapter in this marriage.  Mason has been hiding secrets and trying to manage things on his own.

Until Eden discovers those said secrets and we get to see the raw pain. The pain that comes out from the both of them, is different and powerful. Their connection to one other is strong but the hurt is something else.

This book is slow burn, as the romance  needs a kick . It’s needs to get back on track and there is a lot of grovelling in this novel. It’s not easy and this ending is the perfect after the torture Coopmans put us through putting these two through the wringer.

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