Review:Cruel Beloved by T.L. Smith

Cruel Beloved by T.L. Smith
Series: Cocky Hero World
Published by  on May 31st 2020
Source: Give Me Books PR
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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Sign on the dotted line…

I, Carla Star, agree to marry you, Corton Whiskey, on the date supplied in the attached contract. In signing this document, I agree that I shall not, by any means, try to break this contract. I understand that if I do, the envelope held in escrow will be released to the parties identified within the contract, and I shall forfeit my right to the privacy currently afforded to me by the aforementioned Mr. Corton Whiskey.

Aubrey Bateman
Lawyer acting on behalf of Mr. Whiskey

I received this contract, hand-delivered, and I’m now staring at it in disbelief. Me, the daughter of a senator, is being bribed by a one-night stand.

If he thinks he can blackmail me with his perversions, he can damn well think again.

Who knew that Carla , yes that Carla the one who nearly slept with Chase but gave him the best tools to get back Aubrey would have a story like this.

Carla has a story to tell, she isn’t just a random bartender. She flies under the radar and actually a rich girl who has to be careful about her actions. Everything is about her father. Until her world comes down by Whiskey.

Whiskey  ,  is an  Aussie that is cruel and wants to be her beloved. He wants her to sign the dotted line and marry him under a contract

She is addicted to him but sex isn’t enough given that Whiskey wants something. Her it seems but why all the secrecy. What starts with cruel intentions becomes  something but just blackmail to them.

However what  is the cost.

Smith hit it out of the ball park with this story. Carla’s story was begging to be told . She wasn’t a bad person. She was trying to help Chase at the time, so it was fun seeing her a few years later and see that not much had changed. She need someone like Whiskey. Someone who saw through the rich girl act and  was willing to give what she needed. Whiskey wasn’t without his faults but he had a good shoulders on his mind. He knew what Carla should to do and think by the end, they had made their relationship work despite the whole mess in the beginning. I wanted more though and hopefully Smith revisits them.

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