Review:Cocky Captain by Ellie Masters

Series: Cocky Hero World
Published by  on May 17th 2020
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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Ex-fighter pilot, Logan Reid, is exactly the kind of man I despise. He’s a cocky jet jock, a former Navy Blue Angel, and full of all the arrogance that comes with being the best of the best.

I’m an ex-Zoomie, an Air Force tanker pilot. The rivalry between our sister services is nothing compared to that between fighter jocks and tanker pilots. We’re bitter rivals and I’m low-man (woman) on the totem pole

The last thing I need is to spend six hours at thirty-five thousand feet locked in a cockpit with the cocky captain. But I have no choice. I’m his co-pilot, and we’re taking the CEO of Montague Enterprises, and his family, on a mini-vacation to the Grand Caymans.

We have three days on the ground before we fly back.

Three long days in paradise and he wants to spend them all with me.

I have a thing for fighter pilots.

It isn’t animosity, exactly, but rather a deep-seated dislike. They get all the glory while the rest of us sit at the butt end of their jokes and wither beneath their ridicule.

I hate fighter pilots. There, I said it. I hate the arrogant pricks with a passion.

But after one look into those magnetic eyes, and the devastating wink which follows, I’m thinking of throwing caution to the wind. What harm can come from some innocent flirting? Besides, it’s not as if my job is at risk.

I’m not prepared for the air to sizzle when he’s close.

I’m not ready for our explosive chemistry when he touches my skin.

I’m not equipped for the fallout when our three days come to an end.

And I never expected to fall in love.

But all good things come to an end.

I wasn’t prepared when I walked away.

And I wasn’t ready for what came next.

He’s arrogant.

He’s cocky.

He’s determined to get what he wants.

And he’s refuses  to let this end.

He’s fighting for a forever…with me.

But, I’m not ready for our beginning.

He’s arrogant enough to prove me wrong.

This book is one long tease at first it seems. Three days, no regrets and what seems a one night stand that can’t go nowhere.  However Logan has other ideas.  It becomes a bit of game that has plenty of sexy  moments and fun right to the very end when a princess steals the show.

Even before these two met at the beginning of Cocky Captain, there is tension hanging around.  These two leads have history that stems from rivalries from their respective military  branches.  Both ex military from different branches of the service, they have served admirable . They are both determined to make civilian careers as successful , however Angel is stuck as a woman. She is still seen as inferior despite her talents and her service record.
She works hard but is waiting for her moment which Logan has been given on a silver platter. She is raging and ready to hate.

It’s awkward situation and it isn’t made easier that Angel falls for this man even before she gets to hear one word from  him. As Logan is a fine  man to look at and he is lost as she is in other ways. Logan always loved and left them. However their chemistry is undeniable and it causes all sort of good problems.

Cocky Captain may seem all fun and games that has sweet romantic side. There is a serious side to things.   The gender bias is sore issue in this novel. I love that Logan had a health respect for Angel’s accomplishments not because of his sisters. It made this story believable given the pace he moved at first.

Masters surprised me. She knows how to  build things slowly and make it interesting. I love the concept of ten dates that took the cake.  It was a romantic swoony book that deliver plenty of movements and I can’t wait  to read more from this author.

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