Review:Cocksure Ace by K. Webster

Cocksure Ace by K. Webster

Series: Cocky Hero World
Published by  on May 17th 2020
Source: Give Me Books PR
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I’m a fighter.

At least that’s what my daddy always told me.

It’s in our blood.

Hard work, hustle, and a little Hennessey is the Reid motto.

He taught me to fight for everything I wanted in life.

Take down those who threaten the dream.

My dream is to marry the perfect man.

That man is my father’s best friend and I won’t stop until I have him.

And at Daddy’s wedding in Costa Rica, I plan to make that dream finally come true.

Then, my life will be smooth sailing.

Until a chance flight with an arrogant pilot throws me off course. 


Camilo’s decisions affect my future, and I can’t allow anything—not even a cocksure, ridiculously hot idiot—to stand in my way.

Problem is, he fights back.

Every battle I’ve won in life, he shoots down and exposes me for the fraud I am.

Trapped in paradise with my devilishly handsome nemesis seems like one of the seven circles of Hell…and, boy, is it getting hot around here. 

He’ll strip me of my armor.

Remind me of my past.

Force me to rethink my future.

And help me live in the moment.

Will he steal my heart too?

One thing’s for sure.

This girl won’t give up without a fight.

This was hell of a tease. Webster is one of the authors that I have been meaning to read. Over time, there been plenty of praises about her writing. And she seems the type of writer who style I would enjoy.

 There something about her writing that makes you want to get into  it. As Sheridan steals the show the moment she walks in with the attitude. And CZ he doesn’t help either with his own attitude.  Well he is trying at least. Camilo was a  Ace that you wanted to know. He knew that he was the right person for Sheridan.

Just need the fireworks to happen.  Well it did but it was quite a journey to get there.  Webster had me invested in these characters. Sheridan  voice was strong and fierce. She was hiding from herself and you could see it under the attitude. Webster took her sweet time melting that problem but it was fun and I wanted more.  It was quite the ride and I’m ready to hit the skies already again.

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