Review:Brainy Bartender by Natalie Ann

Brainy Bartender by Natalie Ann

Series: Cocky Hero World
Published by  on May 31st 2020
Source: Give Me Books PR
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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Add one hidden past. A dash of a pretend role. A shot of steamy chemistry. Put it in a shaker, then pour for one exotic cocktail on the rocks!
Wesley Templeton was determined to not follow in his namesake’s path as a Cardiac Surgeon. Was he smart enough for it? Of course, he was a genius after all. Did he have the time and patience to master the craft? Absolutely. Was he going to let his controlling grandfather hold his trust fund over his head until he achieved what was expected of him? Hell no!
Harper Fairchild was the redheaded stepchild. Literally. Smart, nerdy, picked on, and often thought of as an outcast. Her social life was a dismal as her family relationships, so she left when she could and made a new life somewhere else. Unfortunately she found it was hard to break the mold of what cast her as undesirable. Until she loses a bet with a coworker and has to be made-over for a blind date. When that turns into another disaster she escapes to a bar to nurse her emotional wounds, striking up a conversation with the sexy bartender and wondering if she could keep up the ruse of the confident sexy chick she was pretending to be.

This book was a whole lot of fun. I love  the concept of this book and it played out so well. Met one of Graham’s classmates from high school, well he was junior but he managed to help Graham through school.  Wes had found his niche and his  place. Yet there was one name he could never shake Brainy.  Wes was a genius and could have gone places . However Wes was smart to make his own way in the world and not rely on his family.

He become used to not meeting expectations and that something Harper could learn from

Harper was trying to find her place. Her family wouldn’t understand things with her career in food science.  She loves what she does but she never can get things together.   Until she wonders into a bar thathappens to be Wes’s bar after one bad date and gets charmed by Wes’s words.

Funny how things worked out in the end.  From that simple meeting, Harper feels a confidence that changes everything.  It’s seems once sided at first but quiet quickly things move fast and you enjoy the relationship forming.

Nevertheless  had secrets that had impact on the relationship whether admitted it or not. Wes was major and Harper well she was working on her’s. It’s something she need whilst Wes was  a potential game changer.  The male perspective on  Harper’s secret something I wasn’t fan out as it seem a double standard  on how woman are treated. It quickly blew it out of water when Harper was allowed to put pieces together about Wes’s though so everything balanced out.

I enjoyed my visit to Charlotte and the bars of the area. Definitely will be checking out another  familiar place from some of Ann’s other books.


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