Review:Doctor Heartbreaker by Kathryn M. Hearst

Doctor Heartbreaker by Kathryn M. Hearst

Series: Cocky Hero World
Published by  on May 31st 2020
Source: Give Me Books PR
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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The nurses call me Dr. Heartbreaker. They say I put the hot in hot-shot cardiologist.
Not that it matters. I never stick my tongue depressor in my co-workers.
What can I say? I play by a set of personal rules.
Even if those rules eliminate 99.9% of the woman I come in contact with from my dating-pool.
Even if those rules landed me on a blind date with Emily, my childhood sweetheart, a woman I hadn’t seen since I broke her heart freshmen year of college.
Let’s just say the evening was a disaster. She took one look at me, and it was…
Date over. Do not pass go. Do not collect your two-hundred dollars.
The thing is, I can’t stop thinking about her. She was my first kiss, and every other first that two people could share.
She’s the only woman I’ve ever loved.
How can I make her understand what really happened between us when she wants nothing to do with me?
How can I let her walk away again, when it could mean another ten years wondering…what if?
The answer’s simple. I can’t.
Unfortunately, the solution to my dilemma is a five-year-old Colombian girl with a deadly heart condition. The same little girl Emily’s non-profit organization brought to the United States to receive life-saving surgery.
When the chief of staff informs me, I need to improve my public image because my bedside manner sucks–not THAT bedside manner. I’m just fine between the sheets, thank you very much—I agree to perform the girl’s operation…
Because spending more time with Emily is worth the risk.
Even if it means I have to break every rule in my playbook.
Even if it means destroying myself in the process.
I’ll do anything for a second chance with the woman who’s owned my heart since the first-grade.

Doctor Heartbreaker is a second chance romance that has lot of heart. Literally there is more to this story about a doctor who has left hearts broken. Rhy is hiding from the truth and needs the one person who can really see him . Emily who he hasn’t seen in ten years until  they get set up on a blind date.

Both are hurting by their shared pasts and the last ten years. Once best friends and sweethearts, their past was wrecked by one social post and they went their separate ways. Now they both are needing each other  for Rhys ‘s gifts as a doctor.

However they get sidetrack as they spend time together on this case. It’s told from the perspective  of bother leads and readers soon learn that sometimes a blind date can lead to the perfect second chance romance. Hearst did a fantastic job of balancing the old and the new  bits of the relationship well.  Allowing them to really figure out their past to forge a future, it’s not all sweet and heart. There is some outrageous moments that help only seal the deal for these two. It’s a must read and I enjoy this second romance

This book was heartbreaking hard in some ways, there was a five year old girl at the centre of their relationship. A girl who Emily desperately wanted to save and Rhy had the gift to do it. Yet there was so much pain for Rhy re-visiting those gifts.

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