Review: Snow by Gina Inverarity

Snow by Gina Inverarity
Published by  Wakefield Press on April 1st 2020
Source: Publisher provided for Review
Genres: Young Adult Sci-fi
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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

When the girl brought my bowl she was in and out through the door like she couldn’t move fast enough. And when the lock clicked after her I found something she’d left. A knife. And not one for spreading butter, but a sharp one for slitting throats.

Locked in a cell by her stepmother, Snow grows small but she still grows. Even so, she’s hardly a match for a world gone wild, where the sun has disappeared behind clouds for good. The night the hunter takes her into the forest with orders to cut out her heart, Snow makes him a promise she isn’t sure she can keep. And then she runs.

Snow’s life is no fairytale. As she grows up her path will take her into the mountains, over misty passes, desolate gorges and alpine rivers, as well as to the city, where she will make her case for the return of what is hers.

And her childish promise will not be forgotten.

A dark and lyrical Snow White retelling set in a postclimate-change world, Snow is a fairytale of the future.

 Over the years, I have read a number of retellings of fairytales. Snow White have being a fixture in a number of them.  Yet I haven’t  a read a tale like Snow.

Gina Inverarity’s Snow is a dystopia take on the classic tale. In the near future , climate change has affected the world as we know it.  Humans have resulted to the old ways and  in the midst of things is Snow

Snow is the daughter of a well to do man, something that is rare in this time . She is protected and loved  by her father until her world is destroyed. Still young , her story takes an interesting turn when he dies and her step mother takes control  and cause havoc.

Now from there, everyone thinks they know the story. Yet this isn’t the same Snow we all know and love. This is a dark version of events, fitting of the dystopia world we are in, anything goes.  Including the Hunter , who play a vital role in this story.

His actions of taking the heart back to her stepmother, set  Snow on a new journey that is uniquely her own . Captivating readers as Inverarirty  writes her own story on her terms through pain and triumph.  It’s not a straightforward story, and readers will be left hooked waiting to protect this young girl as journey through the years  as she finds her way.

Whilst Inverarity does  draws a lot from the fairytale to create her story. There is a clear sense of uniqueness in this tale.  Snow fits well in a climate affected world and her fierceness stead her well in this tale.  Snow takes us to her forest, a forest that is not kind to those who don’t protect it. It’s payment for the harsh world they live in, that come back to the yesteryears  to survive.

By staying true to the roots, this tale is the perfect length. Inverarirty isn’t reinventing the story and leaves the door open to reader’s imagination.  It evokes a picture that is harsh but honest. It’s a world that  suits this Snow . This is one small but fierce girl who was stopped at every turn and managed to find her family and protect herself until  the end. It’s a bittersweet tale that reminds of the world we live in could change in an instance.

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