Review: Sexy Suit by J.H. Croix

Sexy Suit by J.H. Croix

Series: Cocky Hero World
Published by  on May 17th 2020
Source: Give Me Books PR
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Rating: 4 out of 5.

When I met Ryan, I might’ve been trying to break into his basement.

It was for a good cause. I swear. Also, my dog broke in first.

Ryan Blake is jaw-dropping handsome, wealthy & cocky. Not quite my type. By some miracle, he doesn’t call the police on me when he catches me trying to rescue my dog. He even fetches a doctor for me. Don’t ask why.

I don’t figure I’ll see him again. Then, I do. Then, he kisses me. Once. Twice. Is three times the charm? To be honest, I swooned at the first kiss.

All swooning aside, we are seriously opposites. I wear cowboy boots and skirts. He wears suits and ties. He’s all New York City. I’m a Southern girl looking for a new start. We even talk at different speeds.

The list of things I don’t expect from Ryan is long. I don’t expect him to think twice about me. I don’t expect him to nearly bring me to my knees with a look. I don’t expect him to be so much more than I ever imagined.

I absolutely don’t expect to fall for him. So hard I’m skidding sideways just to catch my balance.

Another new to me author from this round of Cocky Hero World release. Sexy Suit, is obviously set in  the Stuck Up Suit world.  Adorable doesn’t even begin to describe these two despite the whole dirty sex that happens . They are total opposites a Southern girl who has recently moved to New York and who has   lost her dog.  She wants a new experience  and it’s interesting she choose New York until we get to know her character and her back story.

She gets caught up with Ryan and it’s the best thing to happen well maybe the house might win. As Ryan knows how to treat a girl right

Sexy Suit doesn’t even begin to describe Ryan. He is like many of the other heroes in this world. He is cocky and he knows  it. He a powerful player in the city and you have to wonder what he wants with a girl like Addie.  She doesn’t seem the type for him, if his thoughts are any indications at the beginning of this story .

I love the first meeting.  Ryan obviously has the upper hand  and it how did that just happen meeting. It’s a key meeting and Barnable did his job too well as what happen next.  You can’t just help get swept up in their story as Ryan takes control and memorable moments that make them thing they may able to survive anything.  Sexy Suit is my first but definitely not my last book  from Cruix

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