Review: Death in Her Eyes (Children of the Fallen #1) by Erin Bedford

Death in Her Eyes

Series: Children of the Fallen
Published by  Embrace the Fantasy Publishing, LLC on April 27th 2020
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Genres: New Adult Paranormal
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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Since she was four, Elle’s life has been nothing but pain and death, so it’s not surprising she ended up jaded. 

When Elle’s absentee father kidnaps her from her own mother’s funeral, Elle is forcefully enrolled into Fallen Academy, a school for nephilim like herself. 

Mind readers, seers, and elementals? Finally, Elle is with other freaks like herself. 

Except, Elle soon finds that even surrounded by her own kind, she might just be too different to fit in. 

Will Elle find her place among the other children of the fallen? Or does her father have plans of his own?

I discovered Bedford ,  through one of her other series and fell in love with her brand of writing. The chance to return to her writing with a brand new series, was an opportunity I couldn’t miss.  Death in her Eyes,  is the first in a new series from Bedford introducing readers to Elle.

It’s a NA series that stays truth to what Bedford known for PNR. However this isn’t you run of the mill PNR characters, these teenagers are unique and each one brings something different to the table you will soon see.

Elle is a typical American teenager about to head off to college but her world is turned upside. It’s seems that the truth has finally decided to reveal itself to her And this where the book take place as we follow Elle’s journey. Well the first chapter of it.  As there plenty is plenty more to come

Elle powers is the question that drives this book. She has the ability to see death and it’s a sore topic . It’s not morbid though as Elle more focused on finding answers  and learning the truth.  A truth that so complicated that you need to read the story to discover the truth for yourself but it makes sense once you get

  Bedford handles things well as sends Elle to a school that can only rival X-Men to discover everything. Thrusted into the world of nephilm as young adult isn’t easy and causes plenty of tensions. Yet there something promising there if Elle is willing to take the risk

However isn’t all smooth sailing and it’s up to Elle to decide her own future as it seems like everyone wants her.

Now I have read some angel stories in my day. But this one was intriguing and unique. I love a interesting concept and this one definitely delivered it. I love the concept of fallen angels with a twist and this definitely gave that. I wouldn’t have seen it coming as I was so invested in Elle trying to find her way around the school .

 There is some cliché ideas in this novel that play a secondary role in this book that I really enjoyed .I wanted to know more  about the angels as there  was so much about the nephilim  revealed yet the angels seemed mysterious.

It like no one was truly no evil. Everyone was shaded to extent as  they were fighting for their cause and willing to take the risk. I can’t wait to see where Bedford goes with this series. It’s a great start to the series and I’m hooked.  

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