Release Day Review: Death of A Flapper (Abigail Dixon Mysteries #1) by Nancy Warren

Death of A Flapper

Series: Abigail Dixon Mysteries
Published by  Ambleside Publishing on April 15th 2020
Source: PR company provided for review
Genres: Historical Cosy Mystery
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In 1925 Paris everything is très chic, except murder.

Jazz age Paris is home to writers, artists, dancers and painters who all flock to the city of light where living is cheap and the party never stops.

Women’s pages reporter Abigail Dixon is seeking her big break in hard news. When the dowdy reporter is sent to interview a famous fashion designer she wonders if she’s made a terrible mistake. But Abby finds herself in the middle of a hard news story when her despised stepmother is murdered in the couture house. Even worse, Inspector Henri Deschamps believes she’s the prime suspect.

With only high school French to defend herself, Abby’s in despair until a chance meeting with young reporter Ernest Hemingway convinces her to use her skills and clear her name by finding the real murderer.

With help from new friends like Hemingway and Coco Chanel, Abby is transformed into a Parisian sensation. Can she enjoy her new bobbed hairstyle before losing her head? Because the French still punish murderers with the guillotine…

Intrigued by the idea of a  cosy mystery series set in the 1920’s which is fast becoming a favourite time period of mine.  I picked this one , knowing I was going to have a ripper of time .

This has the same feels as one of my favourite TV series Frankie Drake which is set in the same time period but in Canada. Frankie shares many traitors with Abigail, both are woman who aren’t resting on their laurels and want to make their name for themselves.

However in this case Abigail Dixion is a young journalist who get accused of  murdering her step-mother who she just reunited with in Paris of all places.  In true journalist fashion, she gets caught up in the story, searching for clue and finds herself becoming of a household name in the last way she thought she would.

Abigail is my type of go getter gal of this period.  She  doesn’t have charm and grace at first  but she isn’t afraid of hard work and her determination helps her through this story.  I loved how everyone seemingly got along with her and wanted to help. It helped things run smoothly given the whirlwind she found her in becoming a sensation. She had to juggle things and it balanced out as there was quiet the interesting backstory for the murder.  Readers had a true own honest reality of Paris, it wasn’t all gliz and glam .  This book  showed the aftermath of the war , had truly left it’s mark and Warren’s concept played well with what was happening during this period.

Warren has done her  history homework well. I loved the little nods to historical figures of the time who  added a richness to the story. I love how she gave a voice those who would have been around in the area to add something unique to this story.  For a cosy story it was something different and gave readers a chance to dive into a another era and experience Parisian fashion

My only concern, is that it felt like Abigail had a back story that been told in another book. She kept referring to events in Chicago that seem to tied in with the story too closely. I do hope the author makes a story about that if there isn’t anything available already as that would be a dozy as well for a mystery series given the events happening there in Chicago. Death of Flapper is the first cosy mystery I have reviewed in a while and definitely made hungry for more. I really hope Warren does write a few in this series as this cosy historical series is a delight.

About the Author:

Nancy’s a USA today bestselling author of more than 60 novels. Nancy’s originally from Vancouver, Canada but she tends to wander. She currently lives in an 18th century house in Bath, England where she loves to pretend she’s Jane Austen, or at least a character in a Jane Austen novel. When she’s not writing, she’s hiking, skiing, traveling or sipping wine. She’s appeared on the front page of the New York Times (when her book, Speed Dating launched Harlequin’s NASCAR series), has been a clue in a crossword puzzle (National Post, Canada) and she’s been a finalist for the RITA award three times, honored by Romantic Times Magazine and often shares her love of writing in her popular workshops.

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