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Pack Queen by Ann Mayburn

Series The Legend of Synthia Rowley 

Genre Adult Paranormal Romance

Publisher Honey Mountain Publishing

Publication Date March 9, 2020

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My name is Synthia Rowley, and I still suck at saving the world.

I’m in a race against time, searching for my missing mates, my Enforcer and my Omega. Without them I won’t be able to form my Court and become a true Hyena Queen, giving me the power and protection I so desperately need to keep my friends and family safe.

Terrorism, wars, and brutal atrocities are on the rise across the globe. The world is becoming darker by the day as the veil between our reality and the chaos dimension fails, allowing abominations to cross over. Abominations filled with an endless hunger for human flesh and spirit. Now children have started to go missing in my hometown and the Goddess has tasked me with finding them.

If I’m their best hope, we’re all in serious trouble.


Being a Queen is never easy .

The return of Synthia Rowley, has been a long time coming and  honestly  it is totally worth the wait.  Mayburn knows how to deliver an outstanding book and this second book packs a punch, nothing less than I expect from this author

After the dramatic introduction to her latent powers and as a result her world being turned upside down. Synthia is back with her men, determined to find  the rest of her court.

However things aren’t any easier since we left Synthia. There is a new problem that is threatening  her world and takes the centre stage of this book.

It’s an unexpected direction and I loved seeing the old and the new blend together. It may have been  quite a while in real time. However it felt revisiting old friends and seeing the changes and growth that we forget about.

The characters really showed the best side of them if possible and I love how Mayburn reconciled their past selves with their present selves. It meant that some decisions had to be made and I don’t think everyone was happy about those decisions .

Nevertheless  this book delivered what we waiting for. Synthia delivered the same appeal I first fell in love with when I first met her.

Back then reverse Harem was really starting to heat up on social media, the first book came on to the scene and left a mark. It was something different, based on animal biology and showed the author did care about being authentic to her shape shifters.

It really helped this book shine in the second instalment as allowed Mayburn to use her creativity even further to help the story. I liked the additions she made to this world by the choices she made in writing this book.  It’s honestly made the third book an anticipated book like this one. Until next time, Synthia Rowley and hopefully you get the answers and the dream you have been waiting for.

With over forty published books, ANN MAYBURN is Queen of the Castle to her husband and three sons in the mountains of West Virginia. In her past lives she’s been an Import Broker, a Communications Specialist, a US Navy Civilian Contractor, a Bartender/Waitress, and an actor at the Michigan Renaissance Festival. She also spent a summer touring with the Grateful Dead-though she will deny to her children that it ever happened.
From a young age, Ann has had a love affair with books and would read everything she could get her hands on. As Ann grew older and her hormones kicked in, she discovered bodice ripping Fabio-esque romance novels. They were great at first, but she soon grew tired of the endless stories with a big wonderful emotional buildup to really short and crappy sex. Never a big fan of purple prose, throbbing spears of fleshy pleasure and wet honey pots make her giggle, she sought out books that gave the sex scenes in the story just as much detail and plot as everything else-without using cringe worthy euphemisms. This led her to the wonderful world of Erotic Romance, and she’s never looked back.
Now Ann spends her days trying to tune out cartoons playing in the background to get into her ‘sexy space’ and has accepted that her Muse has a severe case of ADD.
Ann loves to talk with her fans, as long as they realize she’s weird, and that sarcasm doesn’t translate well via text.
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