Review: Coming Home To Country by Bronwyn Bancroft

Coming Home To Country by Bronwyn Bancroft
Published by  Little Hare on February 1st 2020
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Genres: Picture Book
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Rating :★★★★★

Run to the creek,
perch on a rock,
slip into clear crystal water.

An visual and lyrical depiction of coming home to country from acclaimed author and illustrator Bronwyn Bancroft.

As an educator working with  young children, I’m always on the lookout for beautiful picture books to  read to my children. Coming Home to Country is a  beautiful book from Indigenous author Brownyn Bancroft.

From the moment I saw the cover, I was in love with this book.  The cover is a representation of what is lurking under the cover.

Bancroft’s  pride for her country is obvious.  The  imagery is striking.

The colour palette brings history to life  and Bancroft ‘s words are potent.

There is nothing to critique negatively  about this book. Bancroft brings home a point that has been forgotten and needs to be recognise now than ever.

The connection to the land we live on. The true owners of the land and how we should respect and care for the land we live on.  Illustrated perfectly for young and old readers which is perfect for the classroom..  

As the Australian curriculum places more emphasis on the inclusion of Aboriginal culture in the program and making children aware of the  greater community around them.

This book needs to be in every classroom, not just for the beautiful illustrations. It’s a powerful book that doesn’t need many words to convey its meaning. It’s one that you won’t forget in a hurry.

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