Review: Anselm (Alpha One Security #6)

Anselm by Jasinda Wilder

Series : Alpha One Security #6
Published by  Jasina Wilder on December 6th 2019
Source: Author
Genres: Contemporary Suspense
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Rating :★★★★★

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I’m a thirty-nine year old single mother to a sweet little blond seven year old girl. An ER nurse just barely scraping by, working sixty-plus hours a week to make ends meet. I’m no stranger to ugly sights, but I keep all that locked away in a tiny dark little box where it’ll never affect my baby girl.

I wouldn’t even classify what happened as meeting him, but it was enough, apparently, to warrant my involvement in a mess far beyond anything I could even imagine.

What happened? I came home late one night after a hellish shift in the ER, ready for a glass of wine and some mindless TV before bed. Instead, I found a man in my kitchen, using my sewing kit to suture a glancing gunshot wound to his ribcage. Being a nurse, I couldn’t help taking over. He said nothing, refused to even hear my name. The moment he was sewed up, he made for the door. He told me knowing nothing was safest for me—and he said this in a quiet, accented voice that only made me curious to know more about him.

He vanished into the night as silently and mysteriously as he appeared, and that was that.

Or, it should have been.

Only, I woke up in the back of a helicopter, bound and gagged. Simply for meeting him. For seeing his face—hearing his voice.

He rescued me, but that was only the beginning.

One of the best things aside from the writing and the characters is the fact Wilder tend to write series standalones.  Readers can jump in at anytime into one of her series and fall in love at that very moment without being constricted to reading  a story arc.

There was one man who was  left in Alpha Security One who hadn’t gotten their Happily Ever after so to speak. Wilder saved the best for last.   Readers will be hard pressed not to appreciate the man for more than his talents and looks after this story.

Anselm came stealth like into  the world of Selah and everyone’s hearts. A ghost to most of the world, no one truly knew the man. His Alpha One family knew him to the extent but his heart was guarded and seemed locked away. This was a man who lived and breathed  black op operations until his world came crashing down because of a seven year old.

It could have gone many ways after this considering the background of the characters but the path that Wilder choice made this book even better. The insights and never shying away from periods of history that were horrifying only added to the  layers of characters.  It opens readers eyes to the world these characters lived in . A world that was never perfect and how life has not broken them, only made them stronger.

This motto is what makes this journey so all sweet. As these two are finally allowed to break down the barriers that have made them alienate some way to most of the world. It’s time for healing and time for justice.

The final Alpha Security Man falls hard and the journey is epic to say the least.  The villain in this novel is one that rivals any other villain. This book had everything you expect from a supense romance.  You will be devouring this book until finish . As once you seen Anselm at his most vulnerable and are able to understand the man who has been there from the beginning.  It’s a  rough journey but one that delivers an ending that leaves you wanting more.

Is this the last of these men, only time will tell.

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