Review:Supernova (Renegades #3) by Marissa Meyer


Series: Renegades
Published by  Pan Macmillan on October 29th 2019
Source: Publisher provided for review
Genres: Young Adult

RRP $18.99
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Rating :★★★★

The breathtaking conclusion to the superhero Renegades trilogy from the New York Time-bestselling author of The Lunar Chronicles.

All’s fair in love and anarchy …

Nova and Adrian are fighting to keep their identities and superpowers secret.

While the battle rages on between their alter egos and their allies, there is a darker threat shrouding Gatlon City. Nova and Adrian must brave lies and betrayal to protect those they love. Unless they can bridge the divide between heroes and villains, they stand to lose everything. Including each other.

Bursting with intrigue, action and thrilling plot twists, Supernova will leave readers on the very edge until the final, shocking secrets are revealed.


It’s no secret I loved the first book in the series and secretly devoured the second book but I honestly wasn’t sure where I stood with this final book.   I didn’t want to end, as I love a good fantasy  series that has me captivated and wanting more.

It’s been interesting journey to this point with Nova and  Adrian. We saw the rise  of Nova in the first book and discovered the truth about everyone’s favourite superheroes .  Then in Archenemies we were left with a dilemma after  Nova learned the truth about her past.   I guess we were at some kind of crossroads with Nova and I was ready to jump back in to the world and let her figure things out. As I was definitely Team Nova though Adrian  isn’t someone to throw away to side. I just felt more connected to Nova and her struggles  though Adrian wasn’t without his own issues through this series.

With so many questions  wanting to be answered I finally dove in and just let the story take control and strapped myself for the roller coaster conclusion I was about to get. Nova  has been on a mission and now in the final book we see that mission come to a crux with a turn of events that isn’t too surprising. Adrian is dealing with his own issues and everyone is flittering over to their norm  lives.

With plenty of battles already happened between good and evil through the course of the series. Meyers pulls out something special for the final book. She makes them both confront the truth that has been staring at them the whole time. A truth that is hard to process and  makes them take back and realise that their battles were not the end all. There is a bigger complex issue at hand.

I felt I was part of the book, Meyers grabs you in and makes you feel that you are one of them(superheroes). It the reason why I stuck through this series for so long and Meyers did deliver a fitting conclusion that left the door open.  There was so much going on with this book it hard to put every thought about the review without giving spoilers about things. I did adore the romantic moments as much as the story and the action that lead to bigger things. There was so much to take in that I honestly think I need to do a re-read in the near future of this entire series as I don’t think I could ever  get sick of the series.

Given how things ended,  I honestly am intrigued by Meyers has left us to ponder with as I  have to wonder did she do that for a reason that will come apparent in the near future. Time will only tell but in the mean while, I will definitely be recommending this series to my speculative fiction lovers.

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