Review: Married in Michigan by Jasinda Wilder

Married in Michigan by Jasinda Wilder Series : 50 State of Love
Published by Jasinda Wilder on October 3rd 2019
Source: Review Copy from the Author
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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Rating :★★★★

Cleaning up after playboy Paxton deBraun is a full time job. 

His family is worth billions. They are the elite. They influence politicians. They’re the power behind the power. Paxton is their golden child, wealthy in his own right, a rising star in Washington DC’s political scene…a 21st century Jay Gatsby, prone to throwing lavish, expensive, wild, and destructive parties.

I’m a housekeeper at a hotel owned by his mother, Camilla deBraun, and I’m sent in to clean up after such a party.

What I wasn’t expecting was to find Paxton naked in his bed, passed out and breathtaking even hungover. 

Even more unexpected is the proposal bombshell he drops on me: Marry him. 

A man I met once, a golden god, richer than belief, gorgeous beyond comprehension, and arrogant beyond fathom.

Me, a hotel maid working three jobs to make ends meet…Marry him.

It’s supposed to be fake, more of a business agreement than marriage proposal.

Only…it turns out there’s more to this sexy billionaire than meets the eye.

Wilder returns to her Fifty States of Love series with  her latest instalment Married in Michigan. Introducing readers to a  billionaire who has met their downfall and doesn’t know how to deal with the situation.

Paxton could be one of the rich and famous playboys. He always in the news for the wrong reasons despite  serving his state as senator. He can’t shake the antics that follow him everywhere. His family  name is one that is revered and honestly the situation that unfolds is one for the books.

Paxton could gone this two ways and the fact he choose to pick Makayla , a woman he barely knows sends alarm bells  out like there is no tomorrow.  Makayla cleans up after guys like Paxton.  And she gets served by him , the first time they met.

It  is ridiculous the amount of effort and detail that goes into those first few chapters. The divide is clear and drives home when the whole  poor girl becoming a rich girl  play comes into this novel.   Paxton honestly has no clue how to measure what important and Makayla takes advantage of the situation to help others.

It is give and receive as Makayala brings the better side out in Paxton. The relationship changes as the two get to know each other and see past the images they have put to the world.  They get to the heart  very early on and it’s sweet watching them fight their attraction and forget about their stations in life. As money can’t buy happiness and  no money is going to make this relationship last .

Even though the story is a cliché one, and the romance is slow burn, you can help devour this book due the couple and determination to make something out this relationship and life.  However there is one little point , I have to raise.

As a person of colour, I cringed at certain  details of this relationship . However Wilder did win me over to an extent. I didn’t like the whole racism issue being a part of this story. The mother was a piece of work and whilst the ending did attempt to fix things and showed that the mother did have another side to her . It was a little too fast to be to  convince me personally. Aside from this sticky issue, this romance live up to  the rest of the series and will be enjoyed by those who loved the previous books. Michigan does deliver some sweet romance  in the latest Fifty states of love series.

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