Mini Reviews: Steps, Wedded at First Sight

Steps by Bea Paige

Series : Finding Their Muse
Publisher: Bea Paige
Source : Bea Paige
Release Date
 : November 18th 2018 

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Rating :★★★★★

My dream of becoming prima ballerina is dead.
Dropped by the Royal Ballet, I return home to my empty house in Cornwall with nothing but ghosts, and memories of a past I am desperate to forget.
It takes months of depression before I pull myself out of the bleakness and attempt to start living again. With a new job as an assistant to the wealthy but elusive Sachov family, I find myself caught up in a tangled web of desire, pain and sexual awakening that will either destroy me entirely or bring me back to life.
My name is Rose, and I am their muse.

***Warning: This is a dark story that contains suicide, self-harm and other topics that may be triggering. Read at your own discretion.***

I loved everything Paige has written so far that I have read. However this book is everything. It’s the right balance of darkness and light. It’s shaded beautifully. I couldn’t get enough and devour the pages , wanting to know where this story is going.

Paige’s muse has brought to life some beautiful moments and this book was a talking reminder of how a simple moment can change everything. This book will constantly challenge you , it’s harsh ,it’s unforgiving, it’s brilliant. I can’t get enough of this story. The complexities and the characters are mesh together into a ball of string that is slowly unravelling.
The question is whether that ball will be successfully unravelled will be the question. There so many layers to this story and Rosie she isn’t any pushover. She pushing everything to the limits and whilst it’s baby steps. It’s going to be explosive when it comes tumbling down. Only time will tell what Paige has in store for us.

Wedded at First Sight by Sarah Morgan, Kat Cantrell & Kathie DeNosky

Publisher: Mills and Boons Special Release
Source : Purchased
Release Date
 : August 20th 2018

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Rating :★★★

Sale Or Return Bride – Sarah Morgan

It’s the wedding of the year – two of Greece’s oldest dynasties are uniting. Their generations-old feud is over and Sebastien Fiorukis is contracted to marry Alesia Philipos.

Alesia’s scheming grandfather has orchestrated the marriage as an act of revenge against the Fiorukis family. Sebastien believes she is a gold-digger, and discovers that he can only break his marriage vows if Alesia provides him with an heir. But a child is something she can never give him…

Matched To A Billionaire – Kat Cantrell

Leo Reynolds is married to his work, but now he needs a wife. Someone to run his home, host his parties…and accept a marriage that’s strictly business. At least that’s the lie he tells himself, until he meets his match.

Marriage to Leo means security, and Daniella White is willing to give up passion for friendship. But the moment they meet, sparks fly. And now temptation – and Leo’s own heart – have the billionaire ready to change all the rules.

In The Rancher’s Arms – Kathie DeNosky

It’s obvious to Eli Laughlin that Victoria Anderson has misrepresented herself. But the hard-headed rancher doesn’t care. When he advertised for a wife with ranching experience, he never expected to land anyone as intoxicatingly lovely as Tori. Now he’s having fun watching her try to bluff her way through ranch work.

The pre-nup has given them a month to get acquainted before finalising their marriage. But Eli’s having a hell of a time reining in his desire. And whatever Tori’s hiding seems inconsequential when every cell of his body aches to make Tori his wife for the long-term.

A great little collection of book that share the same theme. Marriages of conveniences . Morgan offering is a typical European affair. Hot Blood Italian who is willing do anything unaware of the truth situation at hand. It’s older novel from the 00’s that has stood the test of time. Fiery passion with some surprising twists that readers will enjoy. The typical Modern/Present novel from this line

Cantrell’s offering is modern taken on the mail order of conveniences. A matchmaker introduces this couple and it takes a while for them to find their footing. It’s a rag to rich story as well that appreciates the little things in life.Despite being part of the Desire line, it feels to be a little sweet at times but you can’t deny the slow burn between these two .

DeNosky’s offering is a modern take on the whole arranged marriage situation Rich girl gone poor and needs an escape and to hide from her problems. Enter Eli the rancher and despite her misrepresentation of herself , sparks fly as Victoria is one determined lady. Interesting dynamics with this story, the father is around but he is honestly treated somewhat poorly or interesting depending on your perspective

Nice little collection that will appeal to readers who love a marriage of convenience . It allows for older blacklist titles from these authors have a second life.

Verona by Jeffrey Deaver

Publisher: Amazon Original Stories
Source : Purchased
Release Date
 :  August 29th 2019

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Rating :★★★

When your mob families are at war, what are the risks of giving love a shot?

In this explosive short story, international bestselling author Jeffery Deaver brings readers a classic tale of star-crossed lovers who defy the boundaries of enemy territory. When an underworld kingpin gets taken out, his prime turf is up for grabs. For Irish crime lord Brendon Nagle and archrival John Yung, head of a forty-man tong, it’s war. For Nagle’s son, Andrew, and Yung’s daughter, Loi, it’s love at first sight. But others are watching as their secret love unfolds. Surveilled, suspected of betrayal, and targets of their fathers’ ruthless greed, Andrew and Loi know this story well. They’re doomed. But they have plans of their own. Challenging the violent rules of the mob, they’re rushing headlong toward a fate that few can see coming.


A short from one of the greatest crime writers, which takes on Romeo and Juliet mob style. It short and fast story that uses the elements of the famous Shakespeare tale to create a story that takes place in the heart of American crime territory. 

Deaver puts a lot into this short story and from start to finish it’s  addicting. The ending sums the power that these family dynasties have and it will be interest to read a follow up to this  Romeo and Juliet styled short story. 


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