Review:Wishing For Them (Fairy Godmother In Training #1) by Ellabee Andrews

Wishing for Them

Series : Fairy Godmother in Training

Publisher : Self Published

Source : Author

Release Date : Nov 29th 2018

Rhia Tansy has known a few basic truths her whole life.

She would always have to live with the stigma of being the daughter of a criminal. She would open up her own coffee shop after college, and she’d never be allowed to attend the prestigious Aradia Academy.

But when the fates decide differently for her, she’s thrown into a life she’d never imagined.

Surrounded by a group of new friends, Rhia will have to face the challenge of being the new girl in a school of Elite supernaturals.

As if that’s not bad enough, the students and staff seem to hate her on the spot, despite her trying to play by their rules.

With feelings she didn’t know she had, and a legacy she never wanted, college is not what Rhia had in mind.

This is a reverse harem romance with a female in the harem.

Also, this is a 50 k novel and right at 200 print pages.

Tash M

A theme can make a book . it’s a simple fact. Andrew clearly did that when she burst on to the scene earlier this year with her first series. So far her  books have been  more of the horror/paranormal variety. This book was a bit of a change from  the genre that Andrews has become known for. Firmly planting herself into the college scene with a magical paranormal story that reveals another side to her talent.  With younger characters, there should be distinct pettiness and other dramas. There is yet, there is the flair that allows them to shine and show readers they aren’t just there for today. They want a future and I love the comradeship that comes naturally before the  deeper bonds which makes this


In an alternative world, supernaturals and humans live side by side, however supernaturals have their own rules and regulations , hiding in plain sight. Anything is possible if you know the right person and Wishing for them , opens up the realm of supernaturals with a girl who deems herself as ordinary. A humble little  fairy who about to get awakening of a lifetime.


It’s the classic story of poor verse rich, however things aren’t clear cut. Rhia got a story of a lifetime. It’s not sunshine and her journey is one that is significant. She faces a lot in this book.  Her identity , her choices and many other things are called in question. It’s not easy feat tackling these issues and Andrews makes sure to treat them with proper care

Whilst it’s a departure in some ways for this new series . The creativeness that Andrews is known for, is clearly evident.  The pieces are slowly joined together allowing readers to form an opinion of this world and her story on their time.  Readers are introduced to Rhia as a someone who dreams big but is hampered . Her story is not a poor me, but one of resilience , she never back down even when faced with a situation that could change course of things.

It’s an interesting first book , filled with drama and intrigue, the book has been setup to be left with a few what’s if that will have readers pondering for a while. As things may be clear cut on some things, others it’s seemed that Rhia still going to be wishing for it seems.


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