Review:Give Me Your Hand by Megan Abbott

Give Me Your Hand

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Release Date : 31st July 2018


A mesmerizing psychological thriller about how a secret can bind two friends together forever…or tear them apart. 

Kit Owens harbored only modest ambitions for herself when the mysterious Diane Fleming appeared in her high school chemistry class. But Diane’s academic brilliance lit a fire in Kit, and the two developed an unlikely friendship. Until Diane shared a secret that changed everything between them.

More than a decade later, Kit thinks she’s put Diane behind her forever and she’s begun to fulfill the scientific dreams Diane awakened in her. But the past comes roaring back when she discovers that Diane is her competition for a position both women covet, taking part in groundbreaking new research led by their idol. Soon enough, the two former friends find themselves locked in a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse that threatens to destroy them both.

Tash M

This is my first one from this author and honestly I’m torn. The premise is intriguing and definitely plays into what is hot now in the thriller genre. However along the way it falls flat as we delve deeper into the world of Diana and Kit.

Abott’s psychological thriller Give Me Your Hands , explore the bonds of friendship. How what seems perfect friendship to  world, can  hides deep dark undercurrents that are destroying everything for Kit in the now.  What made this drama become everything to Kit and threaten her bubble in the scientific world ?

Abott posses carefully questions as she unravels the story and delves into the mind of a woman who is on paper sound.  However appearances can be very deceiving and this novel  thrives on it.   As Kit and Diana are the epitome of female friendship and successful women in their field.  They embody what is to love being a 21st women, yet in other ways , they are stuck in the past. Focused one thing that they defined them both and made them become the women that they are.

It’s unusual to feel this connection on such a deep level but it works given the scenario and how things play out.  For Kit , Diana was the game changer senior year of high school. Kit went from ordinary to something in the science world thanks to Diana driving her to become as good as her. Now she  works her away to her dream job and hopes her career takes her where she wants. Kit isn’t asking for too much, she seems quite settled and this story shows the flaws which come tumbling out and change the course of the story.

The sticking point is Diana, who linked into this story in the now in a clever way. She once was everything  to Kit and now she is a mysterious figure haunting her work and life. Both brilliant women, driven by one goal, haunted by their past.

Kit become a shell of herself in some ways  which is one of the downside of the story.  She goes with the flow and it allows for Diana to shine. This where the  plot loose it’s shine and the story becomes  about this secret.  A secret which spirals the story in uncharted waters and lends itself  to story becoming devious and calculated.

The secret that is hanging over our heads, is revealed a lot sooner then you expect which is part of  the book was disappointing.  It because the way this story is told , pandering from then to now seamlessly and the fact the plot needs it to carry on. I wished that readers were left guessing longer instead of being in the same shoes as other characters and being forced to adapt.

Give Me Your Hand isn’t bad  overall. It has moments of greatness only to be destroyed by it’s own doing. It’s well thought out  though on some levels, with this intimate look at friendship and careers in the scientific world and that might be it’s saving grace given how things end.

3.5 stars


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