Review: Reckless Abandon (Reckless – The Smoky Mountain Trio Book 2) by Sierra Hill

Reckless Abandon

Series :  Smoky Mountain Trio

Publisher: Self Published

Source : Author

Release Date :  Oct 1st 2018


I never should have let her go.

Or left him.

I thought it was the right thing to do – what was right for all of us.

I thought we could move on.

I was wrong.

I thought I could stop loving her. Or forget about him.

I didn’t.

I could never stop.

Like an avalanche barreling down the mountainside at full speed with nothing in its way to halt its progress, so was my love for London and Sage.




But with catastrophic endings.

London and Sage broke my heart first, in very different ways, but I shattered theirs. I abandoned them both when I should’ve stayed and protected them. Decimated any chance to later salvage even a fragment of our friendship.

Yet the universe is giving me a second chance.

To prove to them how unbreakable our bond really is. And to make up for lost time before my time runs out.

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Tash M

Reckless Abandon the second serial in this trilogy , maybe  set ten years later. It’s still the same gang we know  , but older and now  with scars of both kinds. Taking the reins is Cam, and  It’s easy to see how the years haven’t been the best to Cam in the time we spent apart.

Now in the late 20’s they have experienced a lifetime apart it seems .  They grew up , unable to deal with their hearts broken, their friendship destroyed.  It’s now the picture I was hoping for. It only leads to more questions. Especially with the opening chapter being set up the way it was.

Getting inside his head, it shows whilst the boy we knew was  carefree and only had eyes for London and a brotherhood with Sage .  The adult Cam is  now torn unable to fix the mistakes that destroyed any hope of a relationship with them.  He doesn’t know how to , unable to put pen to paper or speak the words they all need to hear

His voice is filled with raw emotions, he puts all on the line very earlier on. His decision we learnt about in the last book has haunted him. Cam isn’t the carefree boy we met anymore. War and life has changed him, it’s scarred him and he doesn’t know how to move on.

Whilst the emotions are raw , he fills in on the missing pieces that are key to the ten years we spent apart from the trio whilst focusing on his own  story.  It’s obvious that the ten years has been very different for the group individually . Whilst the cliff-hanger is explored and we learn the truth what happened after that ending.  It’s a new day and it’s not what you hope for .

It’s obvious the now holds a lot of hurt in this time period .  Abandon explores those pains and   Hill doesn’t let bygones by bygones in this instalment. It raw and shows how life doesn’t allow  for mistakes to be forgotten so easily.  Whilst Cam’s the voice for this novel,  he doesn’t shy away from telling how it is . He isn’t afraid and it awakens the love we saw, the bond that made us the readers fell in love with this trio.

It’s not always pretty in this novel. It’s not innocent anymore, yet there is hope and it’s seems like throwing caution to the wind may just save this relationship. Reckless Abandon is honest and raw, it’s what you secretly desire and it gives another exhilarating  taste of this trio .


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