Review: All Fall Down (Circus Hearts #2) by Ellie Marney

All Fall Down

Series :  Circus Hearts

Publisher : Bearded Lady Press

Source : Author

Release Date :  Oct 1st 2018

A ringmaster’s daughter and a bearded lady’s son join forces to stop a saboteur…

Nineteen-year-old Fleur Klatsch is loyal to her trapeze team and her ringmaster father, dedicated to the circus, and tough on everyone around her. After a series of accidents at Klatsch’s Karnival, Fleur is left holding the ball: she’s running the carnival, trying to stop a saboteur, and taking care of her dad. She doesn’t need anyone’s help, least of all Eugenia Deloren’s son, Marco, who’s been trying to break out of show life since the moment he was born into it. All Marco needs to do is get Klatsch’s back on its feet so he can leave. But after one fateful kiss with Fleur, will he really want to? And will Fleur and Marco figure out who’s trying to kill the show before someone kills them…

Dark YA romance with a criminal twist – Circus Hearts: Step. Right. Up.

Tash M

Honestly this series get better as we dive further into this world that Marney has created. I enjoyed the first book but All Fall Down took things into darker territories and that meant  find out more about the dark side to the circus. Whilst the seediness element was there in the first book. Fleur and Marcus’s escapade meant no stone was left unturned and  meant that for   few of our favourites some home truths were learnt that made this world exploded.

Fleur was an interesting choice for a lead considering her history and the fact she wasn’t the most pleasant character in the world. I must admit I hated Fleur in the first book. She came across the  typical spoilt brat. One of those people  who has had  their  way since childhood and doesn’t realised  the consequences when  they  does something wrong. Sorcha showed what powers she was abusing in the first one but I wasn’t sure if she was a redeemable character given her attitude and the facts we were presented with.

She was  would you would could consider antagonist and it was interesting to see her  positioned in this new role. Whilst the last book hinted at more troubles , this book thrusts them into the open as  Fleur takes certain stage and readers are  forced to get into her head and learn the real Fleur.

Fleur  has hidden her feelings away of the world, not wanting to show herself weak. She fights for her position and  doesn’t want any help. She can be superwoman and solve the problem of the circus.  It’s quite the change and you have to wonder she  is not as bad as you thought.

Especially when Marco is in the picture and this boy is the one you want to know.. He is  the total opposite of this world, someone who has escaped and made a name for himself the horror of those who love him as being a normal.

It creates quite a picture as Fleur is carnie through and through and Marcus well, he is suave and makes you want to snap him up for yourself. He sees there something in Fleur which seems almost laughable given Fleur’s personality so far.

There is a close bond which lends it’s to making this book work and digs till we get to the core of things. Fleur does redeem herself and it’s interesting journey. It’s not overnight but the fact Marney doesn’t let her apologise for being herself. She uses the others to show that even Fleur can have happiness in her life and that she doesn’t need to carry herself above everyone else. That there can be a balance

Marco was the breath of air that was need in her life. Their shared bond meant things weren’t going to be easy but it was worth it in the end.



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