Blog Tour: Wind Rider(Tales of A New World #3) by P.C. Cast

Wind Rider

Series : Tales of A New World

Publisher : Macmillan Australia 

Source :  Publisher

Release Date : October 30th 2018


#1 New York Times bestselling author of the House of Night series, P.C. Cast, brings us Wind Rider, an epic fantasy set in a world where humans, their animal allies, and the earth itself has been drastically changed. A world filled with beauty and danger and cruelty…

Mari, Nik, and their newly formed Pack are being hunted. Thaddeus and the God of Death will stop at nothing until they are obliterated from the earth. But Mari and Nik have one goal: to reach the plains of the Wind Riders, in order to band together to stop Thaddeus from destroying all that Mari and Nik hold dear.

But will the mysterious Wind Riders accept the Pack, or will Mari and Nik and their people be rejected by the mighty Riders and be forced to flee for their lives? And what happens when a rogue Lead Stallion gets too close to the Pack, rejecting all Wind Riders and turning to a stranger for companionship instead?

In the next installment of the Tales of a New World series love and goodness are put to the ultimate test. Will the Wind Riders and the Pack be strong enough to withstand the God of Death? Will the Great Goddess of Life awaken to join the battle, and if so, will it be as Death’s consort, or will the Goddess stand with Mari and her people against the great love of her eternal life?

Tash M

Wind Riders is the third novel in P.C.C ast’s Tales of a New World series an epic fantasy series that follows Mari, Nik and many others. It’s a cast of many voices that struggle with the earth that is changing and  it’s a world that is sadistic and cruel at times.  It’s brought many moments that will send a shiver down your spine but it has  had its good moments as well.

I have had mixed feelings about this series so far. I felt that at times it dragged and could be consolidated  into a tighter novel  considering the length and how long an action comes into play . After two books, this series has finally found its footing. The length makes sense in Wind Riders as  things finally move at a speed that  makes the story come alive  and allow readers to fully appreciated what Cast has being  leading up to.

Familiar characters  return in this instalment as we continue with the tale of the new worlds. As always readers are treated to multiple points of views , allowing readers to  get an insight to the situation at hands with all parties in this story.  The voices are varied as always and  present a honest and raw view of life even if means heartbreak and sorrow

For those who haven’t read the previous instalments will be at lost with this instalment. The events of Sun Warrior are key  to current  plots at hand.  Also there is the  arrival of new voices which change the course of this story and potentially have a hand in the future of this series.  .  Though there is change in tone, that comes prevalent in this story, the story is still hinged on the events of those who are cruel and offer a life that is deadly.

Wind Riders is a game changer in a number of ways. Whilst the struggles are always there and prevalent, there is some signs of hope in this novel that will allow to see a glimpse of a future  in this series. It’s an interesting time  in this novel , the epic fantasy has been shaken to its core with challenges and new arrivals. Where does it go from here is anyone’s guess

3 1/2 stars


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