Review; The Wasting (Revel and Rot #3) by Ellabee Andrews

The  Wasting

Series : Revel and Rot

Publisher: Self Published

Source : Author

Release Date : September 15th 2018


Katherine and the guys are about to embark on their hardest journey yet. With over a thousand miles of asphalt and death separating them from their final destination in Maine, they’ll have to be prepared to face anything.

In this final installment of The Revel and Rot series, the group will be faced with challenges like they’ve never imagined, and will deal with changes they don’t understand.

Will they be strong enough to make it across the country, or will they just become another meal for the Sightless?

The end is now, will they make it, or will their efforts be in vein?

Find out in The Wasting!

Tash M

With the dramatic conclusion of Book Two , you would hope this book would be smooth sailing finally as they have had enough . I wouldn’t wish anything on this group but this is zombie dystopia and obviously the sightless haven’t gone away. Andrew dives full steam ahead and returns where the group was left.

It’s a  new day for the gang in The Wasting , the final book of the series .  With the original mission still the end goal. It’ s full steam ahead  to reach their final destination.  However the odds against them , thinking of everything the gang has been through it seems that they are off one final adventure

After being through the thick and thin, you have to hope for a sweet ending for this harem. As Katherine has managed to survive it all and the guys have stood by her despite everything that happened. They truly love her and you have to wonder  what next for these guys.

Part of me is not ready to say goodbye these characters. Whilst we leave them on a high note, there is the feeling that you want more especially given how this book played out. I definitely hope that Andrews returns to these characters in the future given how things went.

It was the perfect send off for these guys  in general aside from that feeling. It embody the last two books and whilst I wasn’t totally happy we didn’t get one particular thing. I was caught up in the momentum of the story and wonder later what happened. It’s bitter sweet but it’s perfect given how things came full circle.  The Wasting showcased everything that was loved about this series. The highs and the lows of surviving in a world like this .  It was fun, it was seemingly scary at times and of course there was plenty of love around.   It end up being well rounded series and The Wasting did deliver what you hoped. It shows the growth  in the author as a writer and I don’t think I won’t forget about this gang for a while. It’s changed my mind on zombies and I do hope to see more dystopia from this author in the future.



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