Review: The Crows (Revel and Rot ,#2) by Elleabee Andrews

The Crows

Series :  Revel and Rot

Publisher : Self Publishing

Source : Author

Release Date : June 30th 2018


Katherine can’t catch a break. You’d think dealing with the Zombie Apocalypse would be bad enough, but the living can be just as dangerous.

Life on the trail was hard. With her three companions, they had witnessed and survived the decay of humanity, turning people into monsters as bad as the ones that would eat them alive.

With their relationship uncertain, and the ever growing problem of The Crows, Katherine and her guys struggle to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Will they perish, like the morals of those around them, or will they fight and rise above the monsters and social constraints that would keep them apart. Find out in The Crows!

Tash M

Now  after all the happenings of  The Sightless you think that this relationship  and adventure would be  smooth sailing. Well strap yourself in as The Crows  going to changing things and you don’t want to miss a second.

Andrew’s return to dystopia world she introduced to readers in The Sightless  isn’t any easier. It’s been barely a minute since we left Katherine and the guys, however things aren’t just easier since the end of the world as they know it.   The group have been through a lot and unfortunately things don’t seem easier in this one.  The Crows who one of the focal points  in first book still rear the ugly head in this one. Coupled with other events ,  the gang got their work all cut of them. After how things ended, I was on tender hooks to see what would happen. As the first book  set some expectations that I hope I still would have after reading this book.

This book is jam packed to reflect where we left the gang and don’t fret , Andrews knows how to keep readers hooked once again. Things become very interesting on all fronts and you won’t be disappointed how Andrew tells the story and how things end up.  Everyone gets their time to shine and the way this world expanded allows for new horizons. I think works well as we need new devices to help the continuing story.

This second instalment offers an interesting turn of events. Whilst expecting one thing and getting so much more , it’s hard not  to enjoy the journey and  let the escapades of the gang capture your attention for a couple of hours

, Andrew delivered a strong second book that took on more than its fair share of plot development . The Crows is perfect title for this book given the plot in this book and how it ties to the first book.  Whilst it’s not smooth sailing ahead , there is plenty to enjoy and love about the gang. It’s quite an instalment and sets  up the future well.  Though you may wonder why did Andrews put us through all that though as I couldn’t image things differently. I like it the way things are.



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