Review: Scales of Empire (Dragon Empire Trilogy #1) by Kylie Chan

Scales  of Empire

Series : Dragon Empire Trilogy

Publisher: Harper Collin Australia

Source :  Pubilsher

Release Date : February 19th 2018


An exciting new adventure filled with diverse characters, strong heroes and heroines and wild creatures from the bestselling author of White Tiger.

Corporal Jian Choumaliis on the mission of a lifetime – security officer on one of Earth’s huge generation ships, fleeing Earth’s failing ecosystem to colonise a distant planet.

The ship encounters a technologically and culturally advanced alien empire, led by a royal family of dragons. The empire’s dragon emissary offers her aid to the people of Earth, bringing greater health, longer life, and faster-than-light travel to nearby stars.

But what price will the peopleof Earth have to pay for the generous alien assistance?

In this first book in a brand new series, Kylie Chan brings together pacey, compelling storytelling and an all-too-possible imagined future in atale packed with action, adventure, drama and suspense.

Tash M

This review first appeared in Aurealis #109 Australian science fiction and fantasy magazine,

Kylie Chan’s latest book Scales of the Empire follows in a similar vein to her  previous well-received novels. Known for her use of Chinese culture and mythology in her books, Chan has taken from her personal experiences and studies. This time, she takes to the skies and tackles space and beyond with an alternative world rich and full of surprises that will leave readers engrossed to the very last page.

In Scales of the Empire, Chan introduces us to Jian Choumaliis, a young cor- poral in the army who is offered a chance of a lifetime. An explosive twist quickly sets up the novel and changes humanity and life as Jian and Earth knows it. Dragons arrive, promising a new dawn for humanity should they accept. Yet, this explosive twist is only the beginning. Chan dives into to Jian’s personal life and other characters as they tackle the drastic changes the dragons’ arrival has brought.

Chan skilfully constructs an adventure full of anecdotes that allow readers to gain an appreciation for this world and the empire and encourage them to be receptive to countless possibilities. The openness is one of the standout elements of this book, highlighting the diversity within. There are no barriers, allowing characters to express themselves naturally without fear. In an era when readers are clamouring for stories to identify with, this book will appeal to a wide range of readers. Chan’s latest novel is one that breaks barriers and is a great opening novel to her new series.




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