Review: All the Little Bones (Circus Hearts #1) by Ellie Marney

All the Little Bones

Series : Circus Hearts

Publisher:Bearded Lady Press

Source : Author

Release Date : September 1st 2018


A teenage trapeze artist and an apprentice strongman on the run from a terrible crime…

Seventeen-year-old Sorsha Neary’s life is changed in one night when she defends herself behind the vans of her family circus troupe. Now Sorsha and apprentice strongman Colm Mackay are travelling south, to evade the fallout and escape the long arm of the law. All they have in their favour is talent, an old promise, and slim acquaintance with the crew members and performers of their new home, Klatsch’s Karnival. But the question for Sorsha and Colm isn’t if the police will catch up with them, but when…

Dark YA romance, with a criminal twist – Circus Hearts: Step. Right. Up.

Tash M

I fell in love with Marney and her writing when she gave us Watts and Mycroft all those years  ago now.  She captivated readers with dark  YA crime romance series  that appeal to the darkness in our hearts  If you loved those books , this series is everything that  you loved about those books.  It’s captivating , it’s authentic and it’s raw and honest as always.  You can’t image Marney books to be anything but those words.

The facts she was giving us more words was pleasing as always. But I was over the moon to see that she was returning the world of romance and crime with her new YA series.

Those Little Bones  is an  introduction to the  world of  Klatsch Karnival a circus that seems to the outside world perfect. Underneath the glitzy and glamour, is a seediness. Not of a bad kind, one that is  feed by the family of the circus who live , breath and survive together. Made up of a group of performers  and various other members. Klatsch runs a tight ship and his daughter rules the roost.

However the two newest members of the troupe arrival sends shockwaves through the whole circle. It’s  like an electrifying eel, no one is unaware of  the danger that is lurking around .   Neverthless there some that are acutely aware and determined to  make trouble.


Sorsha Neary the newest arrival  , is on the run and only can trust Colm Mackay a strongman who helped her escaped from her family circus , the only one she knew . With only the necessities she arrived to Klatsch determined to make a new start and blend into the crowd.

Once a performer, always a performer  and obvious that Sorsha is made for the spotlight. She doesn’t have to show off that she talented and  it easily to understand her drive . She been thrown out of her comfort zone and taken away from her family. She young  but she seriously frightened and reeks of anxiety.  Yet she carries onwards trying to forget but she haunted by those memories.

It’s easy to see that there is something that controlling her and  she needed someone like Colm. He may been her escape but this  strongman is a gentleman. He  plays the role of a man wised beyond his years ready to do anything for Sorsha. He understands the boundaries and his role in this novel may seems supporting but he gets it. He understand the unspoken rules . He truly embodies strongman physically and mentally.

Their characters meld well together, whilst forced into  closer quarters by unseen forces , their friendship shows  truth about the two of them.   They care for each other and slowly turns into a romance as they deal with the aftermath that seems to never go away and their new life which brings it own set of problems.  The little things which  add up  hence title all  the little bones.

All The Little Bones,   might by favourite circus inspired tale to date. I don’t think any other author could  have written this book. It’s distinctly Marney and  it’s obvious from the get go.  The raw and brutal words  show the harsh truth of this situation. The circus was a clever choice  for location given the general positive image it has.  The other characters add to the atmosphere and given it a well rounded behind the scenes look into the circus

It gave into the seediness that this book need given the story of the leads and the atmosphere that Marney was creating.  It’s taken back to the days of Mycroft and Watts and I can’t wait to dive into the next book and learn more about this thrilling world.



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