Release Day Review: Reckless Youth by Sierra Hill

Title: Reckless Youth (Part 1)
Series: Reckless – The Smoky Mountain Trio (a 3-book MFM/MMF serial)
Author: Sierra Hill
Genre: Contemporary Erotic MFM Romance
Release Date: Tuesday September 18, 2018


A forbidden love. A lustful love. A doomed love.

Part One of a three-part, epic, MFM love story that spans the course of 25 years. It has drama, love, betrayal, sacrifice and of course, lots of steamy MFM action!

Conventional wisdom says you can’t love two people, but I’ve proved that wrong. Because I did.
I’ve loved two boys in my lifetime. Two boys I grew up with; boys I laughed with and cried with and eventually fell in love with.
Our love morphed into an overwhelming devotion eventually opening our eyes, bodies and hearts to a very different type of love.
A Forbidden Love.
A Lustful Love.
A Doomed Love.

They say that the heart isn’t meant for that kind of duplicity, but my stupid stubborn heart never listened.
Loving them was a necessity, something akin to breathing.
Nothing could keep us apart.
Until that fateful night – the night that tore my heart into two equal, broken parts.



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Tash M

Hill wrote one of my favourite books this year and it didn’t surprise me when she gave us Reckless Youth. I adored Physical Love and know that Hill can write a love story like no other. I  had no qualms  with her diving into this category that she won’t tread  into the erotica waters. As she always write  characters that captive you with their wants, desires and hopes.

Her books are clear love is love and never shies away from the characters who beg her to tell their stories, it reason why we get books like her new series  The Smoke Mountain Trio which might be her most daring book to date.

Daring not because of unconventional relationship but because of the characters who go into territories that are unexpected. Whilst known for her new adult and romance, I didn’t expect this level of darkness from her.  It’s subtle but it there   eating away into the story creating drama . It makes sense given this story about  young love complicated by society standards .  A time where identities are questioned and  when they young and reckless.  Trying to break free of the chain that ties them to  their childhood.

Reckless Youth looks at the blurred lines between childhood and adulthood. It’s a story revolves three childhood friends as they enter adulthood and explore their feelings after a lifetime of friendship  and more.  Sage, Cam and  London story  reads like any other teen with a whimsical out look on love . They aren’t afraid but you have to wonder about naivety these kids have

It doesn’t need the labels, it has all the makings of a romance that will be epic not because of the time spent with these characters but the bonds these characters .  It’s obvious from the first chapter when Hill takes us to their beginnings on their first day of school  that these three are going to be something special.

The beautiful and simple soul bond that is complicated by life and society norms  that they are fighting against. This book may only be the first chapter in their story but it’s a powerful one that sets the tone for the series.   I can’t wait for more of their story after that ending.


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