Blog Tour : Restoration (Verity Fassbinder #3) by Angela Slatter


Series :  Verity Fassbinder

Publisher : Jo Fletcher Books

Source :  Publisher

Release Date :  August 14th 2018


Walking between the worlds has always been dangerous – but this time V’s facing the loss of all she holds dear. The brilliant, fast-paced sequel to Vigil and Corpselight.

Walking between the worlds has always been dangerous – but this time V’s facing the loss of all she holds dear.

Verity Fassbinder thought no boss could be worse than her perfectionist ex-boyfriend – until she grudgingly agreed to work for a psychotic fallen angel. And dealing with a career change not entirely of her own choosing is doing nothing to improve V’s already fractious temper. The angel is a jealous – and violent – employer, so she’s quit working for the Weyrd Council and sent her family away, for their own safety. Instead of indulging in domestic bliss, she’s got to play BFFs with the angel’s little spy, Joyce the kitsune assassin . . . and Joyce comes with her own murderous problems.

The angel has tasked V with finding two lost treasures, which would be hard enough even without a vengeful Dusana Nadasy on her heels. And Inspector McIntyre won’t stop calling: the bodies of Normal women who disappeared decades before are turning up, apparently subjected to Weyrd magics. Angelic demands or not, this isn’t something she can walk away from.

And the angel is getting impatient for results . . .

‘Slatter [has] gone from strength to strength, armed with first-class imagination and first-class storytelling skills’ Jeff Vandermeer, bestselling author of the Southern Reach trilogy

Tash M

A brilliant conclusion to the trilogy, Restoration is Slatter at her finest hour.  There is still no one like Verity a half wyld/half normal navigating the murky Brisbane supernatural community trying to save herself  and everything  she holds dear. It’s  has been a various mixed bag of success though  in Verity’s eyes she rather forget the whole events probably. As everything has lead up to this  point where everything has come to a boiling point.

If you haven’t read the last two books, do yourself a favour and go back and read them now . As this  book takes a walk down memory lane . There is plenty of  the old and the new. It works well together  considering things and it’s fun  trip as Verity tries to handle everything.  It’s a very entertaining book , nothing I expected less despite Verity being thrown in a  hundred directions.  If you thought there was anything unfinished, well this book is definitely going to give what you want and more.

Verity has grown in the last two books and poor Verity she has been through a lot. Slatter has never let her down though and through thick and thin, Verity has reminder her snarky self. There is no one else like her and  she back being her charming self in this instalment despite everything on her plate.

Once again playing detective, Verity now got a new boss to answer to  and Joyce to deal with . The pairing makes an interesting addition given that Verity  has an issue or two when it comes to those two.  As Verity become a problem to the  parts  of the community, she  seen now as someone to hate despite everything.  She may have solved what she set out to do but this girl has a list of enemies and they aren’t too keen on the new events that are plaguing her life.

This mystery took the cake, if you thought sirens, angels and everyone else caused enough trouble. Well working for a psychotic fallen angel, this guy was a trip. He only saw the prize and made Verity work her magic  and  this one was  pulling teeth at times for Poor Verity. The plot was genius and the end was bittersweet  considering how much I have enjoyed this series .

It’s works being distinctly  Aussie  and  I don’t think I will find another series like this again.  Verity never apologise for who she was and managed to grab a whole range of characters that added to this wonderful alternative Brisbane , that I adored. It’s a fitting conclusion to this trilogy and  I hope this isn’t the last of Verity as she gotten under my skin and don’t think she will go away any time in a hurry. She a delight and pleasure to read about despite her shortcomings .

Verity is like no PI I have read or watched and this what made the series for what it is .  Slatter truly wrote  one of my favourite Urban Fantasy series of all  time and now I”m  at a lost what to fill the gap since this trilogy is finished. Hopefully she will make a return in the future .

Angela Slatter is the award-winning author of eight short story collections, including A Feast of Sorrows: StoriesSourdough and Other StoriesThe Bitterwood Bible and Other Recountings, and Winter Children and Other Chilling Tales. She has won the World Fantasy Award, the British Fantasy Award and five Aurealis Awards. Her short stories have appeared widely, including in annual British, Australian and North American Best Of anthologies, and her work has been translated into Spanish, Russian, Polish, Romanian, and Japanese. Vigil was her first solo novel, and the sequel Corpselight is due out in July 2017. Angela lives in Brisbane, Australia.




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