Review: A Month of Sundays by Liz Byrski

A Month of Sundays

Series : N/A

Publisher :  Macmillan Australia

Source :  Publisher

Release Date : July 10th 2018

RRP : $32.99


Liz Byrski has written a beautiful novel about the joy and
comfort reading a good book can bring to us all.
For over ten years, Ros, Adele, Judy and Simone have been in an online
book club, but they have never met face to face. Until now…
Determined to enjoy her imminent retirement, Adele invites her fellow
bibliophiles to help her house-sit in the Blue Mountains. It’s a tantalising
opportunity to spend a month walking in the fresh air, napping by the fire
and, of course, reading and talking about books.
But these aren’t just any books: each member has been asked to choose
a book which will teach the others more about her. And with each woman
facing a crossroads in her life, it turns out there’s a lot for them to learn,
not just about their fellow book-clubbers, but also about themselves

Tash M

A beautiful inspiring piece of fiction A Month of Sundays  crept upon me and took a piece of my heart  Parting pearls of wisdom, that can only come from time and age, Byrski’s latest explores the scared bonds of book club.

For years , four women, Ros, Adele, Simone and Judy have step into each other lives via  their online weekly book club . However this online club have never dove past the surface and  into their personal lives. They are ladies who read and discuss together nothing more  and judge personalities across screens.

Until their group gets a surprising offer  via Adele from a  former member offering the stalwarts a chance to meet in  person.

Adele with the surprising offer is spun into action and manages somehow to convince the others  to  spend a month together in the Blue Mountains.  No mean feat given the various personalities and the way the characters have been presented all in their 60’s and 70’s tackling life very different. It comes across sign of desperation almost given the situations but it isn’t . Bryski weaves this story well and show how long she has been doing this professionally.

It’s concise not  over powering and allows four distinct  personalities to shine through  spending a month together.

Armed with a strict rules for their month together, the four women come across the country to Blue Mountains all armed with their books and problem.  And this where the beautiful story shines.

In the tranquillity we get to the crux of each character’s problem , a past that is affecting their present .  Each week, whilst the book of the women chosen is discussed , their lives become entwined and realise that they all need help from each other.


A Months of Sunday, is my first book from this author and her take on book club was brilliant.  I couldn’t help be swept into their world and their problems. I love the connection between the books and the woman  Bryski made to emphasise their kindredship. They may not be by blood but these woman are special and I enjoy their story which was told beautifully in harmony.  A beautiful piece that doesn’t disappoint, Byrski latest women’s fiction is one for all ages and will grab your attention. The pairing is perfect and I enjoy reading my first from this author.  The perfect lunchtime read or for a quiet winter afternoon.


Liz Byrski is the author of nine novels and a number of non-fiction books. She has worked as a
freelance journalist, a broadcaster with ABC Radio and an advisor to a minister in the Western Australian
Government. Liz has a PhD in writing from Curtin University, where she is the Director of the ChinaAustralia
Writing Centre

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