Review: Becoming Ruby (Soul Twins , #1) by Brandi Bell

Becoming Ruby

Series : Soul Twins

Publisher : Self Published

Source : Bought

Release Date : May 15th 2018


Imagine sharing everything with your sister, even your body. That’s my whole life. My name is Jade and during the day I am in charge of what happens, but when the sun goes down I become Ruby. Let’s just say she’s the wild one, and I have no idea where we will end up. Oh, and the only real way to tell us apart is our eyes.
Ruby does what she wants, when she wants to. Imagine waking up on a moving bus, with four hot guys. We soon learned we were all in for a crazy ride.

Tash M

Reading a sleuth of reverse harem novels  lately has meant discovering new authors. Bell is one of them I have discovered with her debut Becoming Ruby.  This is a lot different from what I expected considering the elements of this story. The idea is unique and offers quite a few possibilities with the storyline.  As when there is multiple parties involve in a story, readers know that there is going to be a lot going on.  Bell firstly   introduces  her heroine, two sisters sharing one body.  Two very individual souls  who are day and night literally. Leading very different lifestyles  They couldn’t’ be more different if they tried  and over the years it caused a bit of a trouble for the girls.

Whilst Bell, only reveals the bare information at first about the sisters, it’s obvious that it’s Jade side of the story.  She keeps things going for the both of them  as Ruby runs havoc and is the one always on the move. They managed surprisingly to have separate lives pretty well considering two souls sharing one body situation which was interesting to see.

Till Jade the quieter one of the pair, gets caught up in  Ruby’s world and this were the story begins.  With a lot going already with the ladies, it’s hard to imagine there could be more . Yet there was , Bell moved quickly to establish these two  ladies as individuals even though it’s told from Jade’s  view.

Well, with a premise like that, I knew I had to read this book and honestly, I’m still trying to guess what will happen next. It’s fast paced and offers a lot in this book.  It’s an intriguing concept and honestly I didn’t know how this would play out.  Yet Bell did it well and I can’t wait to see how this well play out given the uniqueness of this situation


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