Review: The Sightless (Revel and Rot, #1) by Ellabee Andrews

The Sightless

Series :  Revel and Rot

Publisher : Self Published

Source : Author

Release Date :  May 1st 2018


For thirty-year-old, Katherine Logan, that’s an easy choice. Eli has always been there for her, and even though he is her best friend, she can’t help but want the sexy as sin veteran. Chance has her camping at the start of the Appalachian Trail, when all hell breaks loose. As if the dead walking around eating people weren’t bad enough, throw in two hot hikers, and Katherine’s world gets flipped upside down.
Now she doesn’t know if she will survive the Apocalypse, or if the three guys that have become her sole companions, will steal her heart.
One thing is for certain, the trail has never been so hot!

Tash M

When I do get asked to read a book, I tend to be picky with what I accept to read in these cases.  I’m more likely to go buy or borrow the book myself instead having an commitment on my shoulders.  I do know   my tastes are pretty well. Once in a while, I do like to push them and The Sightless was one of those books that did just that.

Lately my tastes have been leaning towards reverse harem, a genre that has been lurking around for a while but fully exploded in recent years. There has  been some talented authors popping up on my radar as a result and  I have been reading more new authors more than ever recently.

Andrew is one of these authors, and I was fortunate to read this book blindly. Only knowing it was about her  loves and must admit , I love only knowing those two words . It helped  my mind be open to anything and  expect anything.

It’s all about the ZOMBIES  in this book and I love the creativity employed to make this book entertaining. It won me over in a heartbeat and by the end. I was  in love with the gang and walked every step beside them. I felt every emotion and honestly loved the way we followed the story from the beginning of what is becoming a weary post apocalyptic adventure fill of action and heart stopping moments.

Andrews knows how to appeal to readers. I loved the heroine and heroes were older characters that I expected. It made them seem more worldly and plausible for the story unfolding. There a great sense of build up in this novel, there is no hiding that this is a  slow burn romance. Understandable  with a heroine with a chip on her shoulder and three guys willing to do anything for .

It’s going to a take a while to untangled everything considering the world seems to be collapsing all around them and zombies are popping up everywhere.  Don’t worry though, Andrews make sure the story move at a steady pace and allowed for more than few intriguing  plots to unfold in this story.

This book changed my mind on zombies.  I have nothing against zombies, I just haven’t found many books that got me hooked and entertained for hours.  Until The Sightless that is. Andrews may go for the guts of the Zombie genre but she knows how to write in a way that appeals commercially to readers.

For a debut, it met the benchmark I set for debuts and more. It’s  written well, engaging characters and a cast of supporting characters that only add to the story.  The length of this book is perfect, there isn’t anything I would left of . It only adds to the story and shows well both sides of a world collapsing

My  only problem is now who is my favourite character, because these boys and Katherine, did give us plenty to think about and that ending!!!!!!!



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