Review: Discovering Aether (Elemental Alchemy #1) by Emily James Taylor

Discovering Aether

Series : Elemental Alchemy

Publisher: Self Published

Source : Author

Release Date : March 21st 2018


My name is Adaline Jacobs. I am moving to Philadelphia to start over and get away from everyone that only sees me as the girl who’s father disappeared. When Nolan appears, everything I know about myself changes. Should I run away? Like I did from my hometown or embrace the opportunity to grow and allow people in.

My new life starts to make me question the only person I have ever trusted. Will I be able to trust and open up to the new men I have in it? Can I discover what it means to be Aether? And manipulate the element that’s always been inside me?

This is not what I had planned when I packed my bags a week ago.

Tash M

Discovering Aether has joined those ranks of solid debuts of 2018 that I have loved and enjoyed. Creative and entertaining to very last page, it leaves the feeling that  every readers  wants. The feeling of satisfied with the story presented to us the reader, yet craving so much more. Discovering  Aether is a whirlwind of a story that  I couldn’t get enough of .

Our heroine Adaline Jones, could be any teenager girl , however we soon learn she far from it. There is so much this girl who  always been known as the girl whose father disappeared for long as she can remember recently.  Taylor quickly sets up her  to a whole  exciting new world of possibilities and secrets  instead and allows the heroine to shine and show us her at her full potential.

As this story is only beginning to take shape and whilst Nolan’s arrival offers a lot , there still so much to explore. Adaline takes things seemingly well for a young woman who life has been thrown apart by the events of past and now seemingly the future. Kevin and Nolan were the right guys even though there is a question or two remaining as the story comes together and we are thrown into a world that even I couldn’t know where to begin.

Taylor idea is quirky and I loved the combination of elements and the concept that has come as a result. Whilst this is a sort of an introduction to the story, there is very much a harem forming and stories unfolding.

My only problem is that I wanted more by the end and who to choice. It’s a nice concise novel that packed a punch yet  left so much open for this series that only starting. I definitely keen to read the rest of this series. Taylor provided enough information that tempted me to  be hooked.  It’s the perfect blend of fantasy, politics and so much more.  Oh and the slow burn was the right edge to this novel as  there was a lot of information packed into this book. Which is perfect given  this is only a taste of what is to come and I can’t wait to read the continuing tale.



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