Release Day Review: Physical Connection (Physical #4) by Sierra Hill

Physical Connection

Series : Physical

Publisher: Ten28 Publishing

Source : Author

Release Date :  April 17th 2018


Fight or flight had never been a question for feisty Boston physical therapist Rylie Hemmons, until she met the man whose touch made her reconsider everything she’d worked so hard to create.
When Rylie takes on new patient Mitch Camden after his ski-accident, she is overwhelmed by a physical attraction she’s never before experienced.
Conflicted over her desire for Mitch and maintaining her professional oath, she works to keep the personal boundaries, just as Mitch is equally determined to close the distance.
At the risk of jeopardizing her career and reputation, Rylie is forced to make a life-altering decision that may have her running from what she needs most.


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Tash M

Earlier this year, I read my first book from this author and fell in love with her words.  I was more intrigued to read another of her books and  was lucky enough to read  Physical Connection  early.   It’s been a while since I have read a MM story that had   such depth and a beautiful storyline

Eli could be the cliché character, he  is out and proud of his identity, not afraid to flirt when the opportunity presences itself.  Yet he is struggling  with moving to a new city and falling for a guy who seems stuck in the closet. Plus there is the  tiny little  fact that  he is a doctor and he is the lonely  new nurse.   There nothing that stops this guy and I loved that despite his back story, Eli wasn’t  afraid  and he had his work cut out  as Mark need some serious coxing

Mark  , was strait lace as they came . He knew his identity  he thought yet  struggle with his own past and the fact he hadn’t come out. With brief period of his life exploring that identity then  heart breaking , Mark seemingly put his love life behind  him for now. Determined  to be a workaholic, Physical Connection was the perfect way to finally explore  pent up sexual frustration and emotions  with his past and face the present .


I love the way the  things set up , taking only a brief period  of time and exploring every waking minute that was relevant. It allowed for a connection to build and allowed readers to follow their journey and be part of the discovery of new beginnings and understanding yourself.

There so much opportunity with this scenario and Hill tells a hot and steamy story that  plays on the heart and connections. Nothing less that I expect  given the pairing and the fact Hill knows how to deliver a story.  Mark and Eli  story was everything I have come to love about Hill. A great story with  two endearing  leads and heart swooning moments that will have you swooning for hours after.


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