Review: Zarin (Stratham Dragons #3) by Sarah J. Stone


Series : Stratham Dragons

Publisher : Self Published

Source : Author

Release Date : March 26th 2017


Willow is running from an abusive relationship. On the road to freedom she finds herself drawn to the small town of Stratham where thing’s aren’t as they seem. She never expects to fall for a man again, especially not one who’s a dragon.

Haunted by his past, Zarin has waited his whole life to find the woman who would complete him. Not only does he meet his mate but they must save a half human boy running from a dangerous tribe of Nymphs.

Can Willow and Zarin work through their differences and accept one another before It’s too late?

Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, and piles of sexy shifters. Intended for mature audiences only.

Tash M

Zarin is the first chance to experience one of Stone’s other series aside from Exiled Dragons. Like those books this series  featured dragons but on first glances things don’t seem to cross over.  Zarin is the third book in the Stratham series.

And boy was I was chuck into the deep end,  Zarin is  hurting.

He has been restricting his dragon and when he gets pushed by one of his friends’ mates . It  gets a little hairy and their king isn’t too please how things turned out. However it may be the best decision of his life by being forced to going to hospital to be checked out as he happens to find his mate. The one that will be the answer to all his problems.

Expect his mate, Willow is running from her past .  She arrived in this town with barely nothing to her name and injuries  but Zarin is curious  and hopeful she is the missing piece to  his soul.  But she is hurting and she a human.

And that not all of his problems and things  are not just hairy any more. They are full on blown problematic and Zarin is going to need help  .

I loved the contrast between the two series. Stratham Dragons is  total different ball game and I  enjoyed the change up . I loved the concept and the ideas Stone has for this series . The idea of not being purebreds and what lies instead of them is an unique idea . It was nice changed up from the usual shifter books, I read and I look forward to reading more of this series. Stone is  great storyteller and   I loved how  her creative has no boundaries.



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