Review: Bride for Easton (Mail Order Mounties #11) by Cassie Hayes

Bride for Easton

Series : Mail Order Mounties #11

Publisher : Self Published 

Release Date :November 2nd 2017


Even if love isn’t part of the plan, it might be exactly what’s needed!

Molly Hennessy’s future was planned long before she was even born. Too bad no one ever bothered to ask her opinion on the matter. If they had, they would have learned her deepest desire was not to become a nun, but to have a large, loud, loving family of her very own. When she finally decides to live the life shewants, she seeks the help of matchmaker Miss Hazel Hughes.

Law and order are the two most important things to Easton Cooper — especially order. As Commander of the Cougar Springs Mountie station in Alberta, Easton has worked hard to earn the respect of his men. When they start making noises about finding wives, they naturally turn to their commander to lead the way, even though getting married was never part of Easton’s plan.

He’s determined not to let his mail-order bride mess up his meticulous life. Of course, he doesn’t count on a spunky ex-nun with a fiery temper and a generous spirit. When Molly manages to turn his life upside down, inside out, and every which way but normal, Easton wonders if he’s made a mistake. But how can someone with such a good heart and such a sweet smile be a mistake? He fears he’s falling for his whirlwind of a wife, which definitely wasn’t part of the plan. But Easton is learning that some of the best things in life can’t be put in their place.

Mail Order Mounties is a multi-author series set in Canada during the early 1900s. Join authors Kirsten Osbourne, Kay P. Dawson, Cassie Hayes and Amelia Adams as they bring you stories of the Royal Northwest Mounted Police and the mail-order brides who love them.

Tash M


I have enjoyed this series so far because of the variety and the fact  my favourite authors have come aboard for this series.  Who knew they would be still going after all this time. This is the introduction to the latest round of books which is set at Cougar Station Mountain Station. Lead by Easton who those book is all  about. He is a bit of stickler and doesn’t like anything out of place. It’s become a little joke amongst the men but he is about to get tested sorely.  As his bride is a spitfire and she got quite a story.

I leave you to discover how much of a spitefire she is . Molly was an admirable woman and she  never back down , I admired her courage and strength.  Easton was a gentleman who need a push to realise what he had in front of him.  They were sweet together and perfect I all ways

Hayes  wrote a  book that was fitting of the sitting and the characters. It will be easy to fall in love  with the latest duo from this series.  Especially with Molly who is a woman ahead of her times and not afraid of things.



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