Top Ten Tuesday – Ten Couples I could Swoon Over Forever

TTT was created by the girls of Broke and Bookish  and now is hosted by Jana over at  The Arsty Reader Girl

This week’s is a love freebie, allowing us to choose the topic . So I decides to share some of my favourite swoon worthy characters.

Midnight Valentine 

Megan and Theo they are just perfect in every sense of the word. I can’t go into too much details, but I mean that literally







Hate to Love You

OMG this book is a oldie but it is a goodie. The couple in this book are out of this world and it’s crazy story.



This isn’t the typical romance but the Goblin King saw Liesl for who she was really and that is totally swoon worthy in my books





Alex Approximately

These two are totally cute even though it takes a while to put things together and I love Alex and Bailey individually as well





The Upside of Unrequited 

Molly and Reidddd. Do I need to say anymore .Reid is the cute guy that Molly doesnt realise until it’s nearly too late  that he is the one for her. They are totally cute as well together and I love Cassie as well.





Can’t say too much as spoilers but the couples in this books are totally swoon worthy for different reasons but one particular couple in GG was my fave.



Strange the Dreamer

Lazlo is very precious and whilst is wasn’t a romance per say. I totally ship this couple and think they are swoon worthy.






More Than Enough 

I picked this book as the one to feature. As this is the last book in this series and this one is stunning. All of Jay McLean’s couples are swoon worth but there something about this couple in particular.



No Limits

I adore Marney’s characters but Harris grabed my heart from the moment I dove into this book as much I loved Watts and Mycroft. He was the misunderstood character in the Every series and I love this standalone spin off which allowed me to swoon plenty and get to know him and Amita. They had their problems but they were made from each other



Things were a little messy in the second book with the introduction of the Firebloods from down under so to speak but  there plenty of swoon worthy moments with  Ruby and her lucky man Arcus or was it . Either way it was totally swoon worthy.

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