Review: Talk Under Water by Kathryn Lomer

Talk Under Water

Series : N/A

Publisher : UQP

Source : Publisher

Release Date : July 29th 2015


Will and Summer meet online and strike up a friendship based on coincidence. Summer lives in Will’s old hometown, Kettering, a small Tasmanian coastal community. Summer isn’t telling the whole truth about herself, but figures it doesn’t matter if they never see each other in person, right?

When Will returns to Kettering, the two finally meet and Summer can no longer hide her secret – she is deaf. Can Summer and Will find a way to be friends in person even though they speak a completely different language?

Tash M

Talk Under Water is a cute contemporary diverse young adult book about friendship and first love that will appeal to a large audience with its sweet tale.  As the title suggests is about water and talk but not in the way you expect. Will and Summer connect over  online over their share love of Jess Watson  and her adventures that is making headlines around the world.   But this isn’t all they have in common.

They are from the same little town in Tasmania. Kettering. The place where Will grew up until his mum left and his dad decided to leave to escape the memories. Life has been an adventure for them since then  sailing on the yacht and Will being homeschooled. However Will wants to return home and with some helpful push and hints it happens as his dad gets the perfect new job.  It seems life is falling into place, . Will returns back in time for  the new school year and get  to met Summer the girl who he  wondering about for so long.

It was inevitable they would meet but Summer hasn’t  thought ahead of things. As a deaf person , Summer relies on sign language as her method of communication in real life. Escaping online talking to Will allowed her to escape her problems . She gets to run her life like she wants and her world revolves around her online communication with Will and the  letters she writes to her father which keeps their bond alive even  though he is dead

Letting Will know was hard it was easily to see but  Will is more curious then ever about his new friend and they soon become fast friends exploring their passions together.  He determined to treat Summer like another teen and understand her world and does that just that by  learning sign language.

Their relationship grows like another teen relationship but it gets stronger and deeper as time pasts by. In their own little world, they are just two teens bonding over the same passions and interest. However as the story pasts we start to see thing changed and grow as Will works himself back into the life he left behind and the one he has now .  So does Summer as they grow up and face the issues that have lead them to this point where the their lives collided .

Most teenagers faced in situation like this would see things in black and white. To care or not to care about the situation . I loved that Will wasn’t one of those teenagers and saw Summer as another teenager not someone who was different or disabled. He saw her as unique . It was a great conversation for them both and would be for readers considering it very light tone feel it has overall. For a diverse read , I Loved that it didn’t portrayal thing in any bad way  except to show how arise above the problems .

It a cute contemporary yet it something different highlighting that people maybe different  but they share common problems and wanted to be treated the same.  Talking Under the Water was  a delight love oz novel showing that it was okay to be different  yet share common problems.




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