Review: Sweet Little Lies (The Sweetest Thing #5) by Sierra Hill

Sweet Little Lies

Series : The Sweetest Thing

Publisher:  Ten28 Publishing

Source : Author

Release Date : February 6th 2018


Some lies are meant to deceive. Others to protect.
My lies have done nothing but harm. They push people away. Even the people that I want to hold onto for dear life. Mica Reyes is too beautiful and pure for my tarnished soul, although I want her with a fierceness of a caged lion.
They say letting go of your grief and your sins will unburden you and set you free. But it’s her I need to set free from the pain I’ll cause from loving her too much.

My Abuelita always said I should never give my heart away unless I knew it would be in capable hands. To give it to a man who would love and cherish me and put me first above all others.
But my heart didn’t listen. I fell for Lance Britton, the college basketball player who uses humor to outwardly disguise the emotional turmoil that lives inside him. To hide his painful secrets.
But I know him. And although I hate ultimatums, I may need to give him one before the lies between us grow any deeper. Letting go may be the only way to reach him.

Tash M

My first Hill book was a treat. The perfect balance of sweet, heat and drama all coming together to tell the story of Lance and  Mica. Friends who have been walking  around the unspoken attraction that  is there. Denying that there is something special, only indulgencing in make out sessions once in a blue moon.  Lying to themselves  and each other about the attraction. As they could never work it seems. They are night and day , from  two  vastly different worlds .   The boy who has monsters walking aside him and the girl who has the power to bright him into the light and vanish his monsters.  Wanting to give some of her sunshine to a boy who barely swimming above water, hoping that Mica will break and become his….

Whilst this is the fifth book in the series , Hill’s latest story is  a story of determination , hope and more.  The moment , I was introduced to  these characters, I fell in love. Their problems are obvious , the pain is deep and it’s upfront. Lance guilt ridden POV shows how deep the monsters affect him. He hides from his problems with basketball and friends.  Mica is the only one who can save him , yet he chooses to hide away the truth. He isn’t an open book and   Mica’s POV isn’t without strains and issues as she juggles everything.  She is the rock in this novel. She the one who takes charge  when it comes to push verse show and makes Lance realise what things could be

I felt sorry more for Mica then Lance. She was putting a lot on the line, and I wonder at times whether she was too caught up. She knew Lance was interesting but she had a lot riding on her.  She the daughter of Mexican immigrants  and they expect her to follow the traditions.  Yet she knew that she couldn’t. She was torn between two worlds and I wished her family was fleshed out just a little more given the picture that we were present with  at the beginning.  As it was tough being the girl, who people were scared about, didn’t know how to deal with because of her background . Lance saw her truly as just another human being who needs were like his own and I was rooting for them to have a sweet ending after those lies.


There is the saying opposites attract and in this case, they have fallen hard  and Hill delivers a college romance that isn’t the typical new adult romance. It’s a beautiful heart warming story that  will leave you with smile and take a piece of your heart.  Lance and Mica may have a lot going against them but they made it and their story is testament to how over come struggles.


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