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Title: Happy Ever Never – (Written in the Stars, Book #1)

Author: Brittany Holland

Genre: Contemporary Romance

A modern twist on a classic tale. A love story tangled with secrets, second chances and destiny.


Destined to be together, doomed to be torn apart.


When Willow and Piers first met, she was searching for adventure and he was longing for a place to belong. They both found more than they bargained for. Hopes and dreams for their future destroyed by a secret that had to be protected at all costs. Willow was forced to say goodbye to London, leaving behind a heartbroken Piers.


Willow tries to move on but she can’t seem to let go of the past. When clues surface leading Piers to her, he realizes he’s lost more than he ever imagined. Angry, he leaves her no choice but to return to London with him.


Undeniably drawn together, history starts repeating itself until lies and insecurities threaten to tear their love apart.


Will it be happily ever after for Willow and Piers, or does their story end with happy ever never?

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Tash M

I was extremely lucky to read Holland’s debut novel, I discovered her by chance last year when I read her novella for Kendall Ryan’s kindle world and fell in love with her words and immediately I needed more.   I craved this novel and she delivered exactly what I need. I have been loving retellings  and this whimsical modern take on the classic Peter Pan tale fit the brief perfectly.  The additional bonus was that it was a secret second novel that was highly charged and it paired perfectly. I was obsessed from the moment, I was with an angry Piers knocking on the door in New England and  seeing Willow after a few years.

From that moment, I knew Holland had something special here with this story. As the leads maybe young, but they have old souls and  worked perfectly with the Peter Pan elements. Elements that was always there but not in your face. It was about these two , who had a magical childhood in London  and were torn apart because of secrets and more.

Secrets that are about to changed course of their future as they are forced to return where it all began and start afresh , trying to not repeat the past and find common ground. However like the series name suggests, it is written in the stars and this romance isn’t done yet.  It’s about to be tested all over again and the stakes are higher. Neither of them have forgot their connection they have, one that   translate throughout time. Yet each of them are guarded and holds each other futures in their hand,

I love the imagination of Holland with this novel, given that she has free range and not bound by restrictions as she has been previously. It this world ,she has created of her own bat was perfect for this story as we are taken on this whimsical journey that has plenty of highs and lows. I love the imagination used and the history that is created around these characters. I eagerly turned the page, waiting to see if this two would get an HEA, as there  was only so much that could be done. It was up to Willow and Piers to navigate the tricky waters and see whether they could make something out of what they had and what they had now.

As behind the all , the secrets ,w as a strong sense of pain, that effected  everything, the past and the present. Both of them were no strangers to it but it was handled different by Piers and Willow, that aged their souls and made them wiser when they were reunited and it was such a beautiful whimsical story as a result.


All I have left is questions, whilst this book gave the answers I saw sought for the main couple,  I do wonder about certain things in this novel and need the next book because obviously I need answers. As much I loved this story and the play on things with this modern twist, Holland has created a mysterious air around this series and I wonder what next.



Brittany Holland is a leggings wearing, Starbucks drinking, Spotify addicted, self- proclaimed book nerd. Her love of reading and an active imagination inspired her to pursue her dream of writing.


When not creating worlds on the page, she enjoys traveling, photography and catching up on her favorite Netflix shows. She also has an unhealthy obsession with Jon Snow! Shhh! Don’t tell!


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