Ten Books I Meant To Read In 2017 But Didn’t Get To – Top Ten Tuesday

I don’t have defined TBR . I have the pile which is a joke amongst my friends as basically three stacks high and probably a good 80 books at least.  So there always a few books in there I never got to  and I picked a few from there and some others I have been keen on reading last year..

If you want to join in, stop by Broke and Bookish for more details .

I adore this series and this one fantasy tome I regret not getting to in 2017. As I read the second book  just before this was released in late September. As I love the time jumps between the books and the two lead characters who stories are told parallel are two fantastic leads with intriguing stories .





I don’t know why I didn’t read this one in 2017 . I had no excuse as adored another book that addressed similar issues and a few blogger friends  loved this one. I have no excuse really and plan to rectify this asap




Cheating here as I’m going to mention all of this author’s 2017 releases. As such a big fan of their’s works in the past.  I never managed to read Roomies, Hating You , Dating  You or Autoboyography  is weird since I own most of their previous books signed and read some multiple times.


Another author that I”m cheating with again. I adored their debut Paper Princess and never read another by them since then.  I own When It’s Real and determined that contemporary novel sometime this year as I  haven’t been reading much YA contemporary recently and I missed it.


The Walking Land is a no brainner as I’m sucker for a beautiful cover and I love the YA Fantasy put out by this publisher well except for one book that should remain nameless. This is the USA cover but the AUS/UK cover is  even better.




I haven’t read a Emery Lord book yet and I know I will love her books as I have blogger friends with similar tastes enjoy her books and her books call to me. However I never get around to actually picking up one and I totally need to make time this year to read one finally.






I have no excuse for the first two Wayfarers books as they have been out for a while and the third is coming this year. Well I only really got to learn about these books  last year and I should have read them immediately but I didn’t and now regret it truly.






Warcross was written for me. As a gamer I can instantly relate to this novel and I don’t why I haven’t picked this one up yet as I know two as my favourite blogger friends did love this book.



I try to read much LoveOz Ya  I can but I still don’t get to all of them despite trying to do so. Aside from being a beautiful cover. I have only heard great things about this debut.





This book was only officially released in Australia in 2017 and I never got around to reading it as it was a bumper month of releases when it was released here. I have the second book to get to as well so plan to binge read it sometimes this year.



This only a small selection but I better start small and get some long over due books read !

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  1. Moxie is amazing from what I`ve heard. I got an ARC of Waking Land in a subscription box and I was quite excited for it, but the Goodreads reviews are pretty bad.

  2. I’ve heard wonderful things about Moxie. I have Waking Land and know that because I was working on my book stacks last night and discovered it. I think I got it in a subscription box. Hope you find time for these.

  3. The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet is one of my favorite books, hope you enjoy it! And Warcross was good as well!

    Moxie I’ve heard good things about…

  4. I need to read Christina Laurens other works Autoboyography is amazing and I was surprised it was co written (realised after I finished) the writing just flows so well! I’m excited to pick up there romance series.
    I didnt get to Warcross or stalking jack the ripper either but I plan on this year! Hopefully XD Moxie is real high on my list too, so much praise I must get my hands and eyes on it asap.
    Hope you love Lonely Planet & Autoboyography when you get to them they were both 5stars for me!

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