Review: Year One (Chronicles of The One #1)by Nora Roberts

Year One

Series : Chronicles of the One

Publisher: Pitakus

Source : Publisher

Release Date :  December 5th 2017


With one drop of blood, the old world is gone for ever. And in its place, something extraordinary begins…

They call it The Doom – a deadly pandemic that starts on a cold New Year’s Eve in the Scottish countryside. There’s something mysterious about the virus and the way it spreads. As billions fall sick and die, some survivors find themselves invested with strange, unexpected abilities.

Lana, a New York chef, has the power to move things and people with her will. Fred can summon light in the darkness. Jonah, a paramedic, sees snatches of the future in those he touches. Katie gives birth to twins, and suspects that she has brought fresh magic into the world, along with new life.

But The Doom affects people differently. Along with the light, a dark and terrifying magic will also rise. As the remaining authorities round up the immune and the ‘Uncannies’ for testing, Lana, Katie and others flee New York in search of a safe haven. The old world is over, and Year One has begun.

Tash M

With Year One,  Roberts makes her  fantasy genre debut that is a thrilling tale that will leave you thinking long after you finish this book .  Year One offering  a fictional tale that has scary implications.   A well rounded book that questions what you  know about world matters  and wants you to double check your own morality.

The concept isn’t a totally unique one but Roberts uses her  well hounded skills to created a story that will spellbound you.  Offering a frighting desolate world that is in chaos thanks one simple action  that has  unleash a world  event with dire consequences.  This is  what our characters have to deal with when  a virus threatens to  destroy the world  and leaves  the world in panic.   Carefully picked, our characters take us from Ground Zero to end of Year One where it emerges that this story is only beginning  and there much more to come.

Roberts toes the fine line of fantasy/sci-fi with this novel and provides an entertaining read that thrives on picking key moments with our cast of characters and allowed the story to flow well without being too complicated. It is well thought out and allows each of the characters to have a voice and allow us to experience some time walking in their shoes. Experiencing  key moments that shape the novel and get grasp of what is happening in different parts of  New York and beyond.

Each of our voices,   represent  groups of characters we meet have an a role to play in this story . They survived the virus by chance  thanks to having  immunity . Now they must deal with abilities and more which makes  death by the virus seem the easy way out    .  A frighting unknown with many parties involved  who want different  outcomes for  the world and it is  the unknown is what drives this novel.

Determined to forge some kind a future coupled with new found abilities or existing abilities.  We are introduced to Lana, Fred, Jonah and Katie. All strangers but have ordinary stories turned intriguing given the current climate.   The aftermath isn’t pretty The Doom as it named  shows things not just black and white. It’s dangerous and allures people to do things that will destroy loves ones  and strangers alike.

Humanity as we know it is dead and  Year One is a story with a concept that  readers will enjoy.  This a different  departure for Robert  under this name as she mainly known for romances. However it not a total surprise that  Roberts has made the leap into this genre given her extensive back in futuristic suspense  novels under her pen name. Her offering was a fantastic surprise that remind me off another great novel The Passenger and fans of which will enjoy this  X-men meet Dystopia offering.



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