Review: Her Stepbrother, The Wolf by Rachel Kenley

Her Stepbrother , The Wolf

Series : N/A

Publisher: Riversdale Publishing

Source : Publisher

Release Date :  February 23rd 2017


Little Red Riding Hood is all grown up. And the wolf doesn’t scare her at all.

Rosalind is an outcast in her own town. Known as Ruby for the birthmark on her neck, it is believed she was touched by death during birth. But she doesn’t care. She’s led a happy life with the support and tutelage of the village wise woman and the loving attention of her stepbrother, Rafe.

Of course, now that she’s older, she is secretly and passionately drawn to Rafe in a not so sisterly way. And Rafe has secrets of his own.

For Rafe, the full moon means three nights as a wolf, a freedom and form he loves. However, as he accepts his desire to devour Ruby when he’s in his human form, he leaves to protect them both.

Now he’s back, and not only does he intend to change his relationship with Ruby, but a hunter is following him. Ruby and Rafe have to put an end to the threat that wants them both dead before they can live their happy ending.

Tash M

Her Stepbrother, The Wolf, is the first book I have read of Kenley.  With a title like that I was hoping for an interesting tale and I wasn’t disappointed. It was take  on the classic fairytale Little Red Ridding Hood. In this reimaged tale,  we meet Ruby  aka Rosalind who has been the outcast in her own town. Ruby doesn’t mind she has Rafe her step brother as her constant friend and the wise woman of the village.  So you can see easily who the key players are and the story revolves around these three.

However things don’t got exactly to plan and Ruby finds herself growing up with out Rafe after he disappears mysteriously . Until he returns and she figures out that she doesn’t have the same feelings as she did before. Her feelings have changed  but this isn’t an ordinary romance. There is a history that can be easily forgotten and Rafe is a wolf ….

An interesting take on the  classic fairytale. I loved what the author gave but yet I  wanted more  . I loved how she kept most of the  elements yet added her own spin on the tale.  The shifter aspect was a nice touch especially.  I loved the shake up on the story but I wished certain things were explored futher. Like when they were younger and hat happened next. Otherwise it was a great introduction to this author’s writing  and I enjoyed it.



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