Review: Stella and Margie by Glenna Thomson

Stella and Margie

Series : N/A

Publisher : Random Books  Australia

Source : Publisher

Release Date : January 2nd 2018


A beautiful novel about two women – a generation apart – thrown together by circumstance, who slowly come to love and understand one another.

Stella and her mother-in-law Margie are two very different women.

Stella is kind, compassionate and just a little chaotic. Margie is prickly, demanding and a stickler for convention. Stella has exciting dreams for the future. Margie has only bitter memories of the past.

When Margie needs help recovering from a major operation, Stella offers her a place to stay. With no other options, Margie returns to the family farm where for decades, until Stella’s arrival, she was the one in charge.

Margie has never made life easy for her daughter-in-law, and that’s not going to change now she’s been made a guest in her former home.

But as the dry summer turns to a beautiful autumn, the two women gradually form an unlikely bond, as the ambitions, secrets, and tragedies that have shaped their lives are slowly uncovered…

Tash M

Women we share a bond, a kindredship that unexplainable no matter what despite what society dictates . Stella and Margie explores this beautiful bond in a stirring story about   two woman from the same family who seemingly so far apart that a bond seems unthinkable.  However this isn’t a story about

I started this book late one night and read into the early hours of next day, glued to the story of Stella and Margie As this situation is not uncommon but  this story was raw and honest in a way that I didn’t expect it to be.  Mother and daughter in law,  is a relationship that can be tempestuous or perfect depending on  who you asked. A relationship that is built on the backbone of another relationship and in this one it hasn’t been smooth  sailing ever since they first met.

Stella is the youthful free spirit who always on the go  and dreamt big . No expecting to become a farmer’s wife and what Margie expected given the family history.  However she has a forgiving heart and  when Margie forced by circumstances to rely on her family .  Stella  comes rescues her from her  hospital bed where  it opens up old wounds.   Told in dual perspective ,the women welcome us into their lives and thoughts as  they live together and deal with  life and more as they come to learn to love and understand each other.


Margie’s   return to the family property  is not welcomed exactly. Ross carries scars of his mother’s treatment and  sees her as interloper .  She left the place in a huff  not wanting to do anything with  Ross’s  new wife. The years haven’t been kind since to Margie. She  become a woman that has been consumed  by hate and hurt.  She is a  bitter old woman and her  voice shows no love  in the beginning.  She has been left to her own devices, not wanting to be part of the family until  now  when Stella makes   her become part of the family.

Stella brought change to the family and   is a bright woman, bringing warmth in to the story with her love. She wants to  help even though it out of family obligations. Though it turns out for the best as we soon  discover through both voices.  That age holds no boundaries and there is a bond waiting to be discovered.

Margie  has a complex story  and makes for some hard reading.  Her voice may be of a bitter woman but it soon turns into a complex layered story that has it fair share of heartache, hurt and more. Margie is a battler and doesn’t understand change. She lives in the past and she doesn’t understand how her son and family live with no respect for the past.  Given how they are shaped by some of the events and changed things forever .

However Stella never backs down and her  careful coaching once she learns part of this complex story of Margie shows how a relationship can be build and fruitful. That you aren’t dictacted by the past and mistakes made.   Stella never shows too much weakness though she gets frustrated with the chores of a farmer’s wife . She may fussed over the stuff she hates but she becomes a champion of Margie.    A voice for a woman that has lost her’s

Two powerful voices in two ordinary woman  , this is a story that is overwhelming piece of fiction .

Championing the past and the present together in the form of these two ladies who represent the two generation of a family that is torn by secrets and more . Stella and Margie is  a stirring story that you don’t want to put down.   Using  family and the bonds of woman to write a poetic story that tackles the hard truths  and love can be a powerful thing.





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