Review: Rule Master (Rules of Engagement #2) by Sienna Snow (

Rule Master

Series :  Rules of Engagement

Publisher  Forever Yours

Source : Netgalley

Release Date : March 7th 2017


His rules. Her pleasure. His way. 

Italian heiress and international financier Milla Castra knows she can’t avoid him forever. Irredeemably hot and controlled Lex Duncan once shared her craving for things deliciously forbidden. He was her lover. Her Master. And the husband she’s kept secret from everyone.

But Lex will never relinquish what’s his—and Milla is definitely his. And he knows she can’t resist the exquisite pleasure that awaits in his arms. When the violence of her past threatens them both, Lex will risk everything to keep Milla safe . . . before she submits to the cruelest master imaginable, Fear.

Tash M

Rule Master is the second in Snow’s Rule of engagement  series about a  trio of best friends who have as sisterhood bond that won’t be shaken by anything.  Nothing is off the limits for these three women who  lives are entwined in every part of their lives .

After a strong debut and knowing that Milla was very much strong character like Arya. I  knew that this was going to be interesting.  Milla is a rebel, she doesn’t do things like any good Italian daughter would do . She does her own thing whilst helping her family and is  very successful.  Except when it comes to Lex, her dom and her secret husband that she been keeping from everyone for the last ten years.

SCANDAL anyone.

Well that not the only thing going on with this book.  As the aftermath of the first book is playing out and there is secondary arcs stilling playing out  . Milla is the face of the company and whilst to the world she is known as the wild rebellious party girl with the impossible mother.
The girl that her close friends know  is the girl who wants to find her place in the world and find accepted.

Her escape is Lex, is the one man who understands her but even he can’t reach the woman  she has become. Milla has returned to  Italy to hide from the world. She isn’t the woman we saw in the first book.  She broken and destroyed  to the point that she thinks she can’t be the woman that Lex  had by his side .

She needs help and being in her family home isn’t helping things. As her friends and husband are on the other side of the world.  And Lex is determined to get his wife back any way.  Milla is his life. Arya may be his sister and he loves her but Milla there was something special there .

Even before the whole secret relationship came to play, it was obvious. Arya was even pointing out that they were meant to be together. So I love that the author took the most obvious thing and changed into a surprise .  They had everyone one fooled and I  loved  discovering their relationship with everyone else in their life.

As this time around, their relationship isn’t off limits. The attraction and the chemistry  are still there but can they come back to what they were given that Milla lives up the rules know and she got a lot on her plate.

Rule Master  wasn’t  as I hoped. I thought I was getting a brand spanking new relationship and loved the direction Snow took with this book even though  the issues.   Milla had proven everyone wrong for so long secretly with her relationships . I wished that no t half of the book was  focusing on Milla being sorry for herself and not being good enough for Lex. Lex was simple. He just wanted her. He had a perfect world and he wanted it back. .

I wanted the Milla of the first book to return sooner as there was a lot she was facing. Lex had to picked up the pieces  for them. He had to be one to fight for them and this was only part of the story.  There a complex story going on and many layers to this story and Milla distracted at times given there was a lot aside from her feelings and thoughts.  It  is a strong second book but the first book still has to be my favourite despite the twist with this book.  I felt a connection more to Arya and Max then these two despite Milla being a strong  determined woman as well.  I can’t fault the writing, I love Snow’s story – telling  and I can’t wait for the third novel and bring everything full circle.


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