Review : His Pregnant Royal Bride (Royal Spring Babies) by Amy Ruttan

His Pregnant Royal Bride

Series : Royal Spring Brides

Publisher : Harlequin medical

Source : Author

Release Date : July 18th 2017


Pregnant with the prince’s baby

Nurse Shay Labadie’s one exquisite night of passion with Dr. Dante Affini was meant to be a beautiful memory. But now Shay’s expecting…and Dante is expecting her to take his hand in marriage!

Dante’s proposal is shocking enough, but then he drops an even bigger bombshell—he’s not just a doctor, he’s a prince! Now to win his child and the woman he loves, Dante will have to prove he can master his most important role yet—as the husband Shay deserves…

Tash M

Another cute one  medical romance involving an one night stand again.   I was  in the mood for a few light romances when I went through a few of these earlier this year  . In this one  the two individuals meet and have one night stand  after  meeting at a conference .  This book really follows the aftermath of that one night stand as the couple is forced to address things as  there a  baby on it’s way.

This was my  second book from  this author though it won’t be given the number she has written for this line.  I enjoyed the characters Shay is a practitioner  who is determined to leave her mark on the world. She knows first hand the devastations  a natural disaster can bring.  She works for  a medical  organisation allowing to  her to help where it is needed . She  is a career girl who is committed to helping others and has no intentions of getting married ever.

Until Dante enters the picture, the trauma doctor who she had the one night stand with.  It was like I need to scratch an itch and not see you again. However Dante isn’t a man who isn’t going to let Shay to do so. He understand her needs to help people but family comes first . Especially now she arrived to help him for the next few months  but he has a different idea about their future.
Dante wants to marry her.  How in earth is he going to convince a career girl to marry him.

His Pregnant Royal  Bride is a story two determined individuals both  wanting their way. It makes for an entertaining read as who  want to watch two people fall in love.  As one wants to do the practical thing and the other is determined to carry on as normal.  I love the contrasting  backgrounds in a novel as it makes for an interesting read. There always going to be some heads bumping as a result and it makes it only more endearing as they realise what they have in front of them. It’s a sweet romance and whilst cliché, not so much a moot point. I loved the characters and can’t wait to read more of this author in the future


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