Review: Those Pleasant Girls by Lia Weston

Those Pleasant Girls

Series : N/A

Publisher : Pan Macmilian Australia

Source : Publisher

Release Date : April 26th 2017


Evie Pleasant, nee Bouvier, is back in town. In a figure-hugging skirt, high heels and a pin-up hairdo, she’s unrecognisable from the wild child who waged war on Sweet Meadow in her youth.

She’s made a promise to herself: ‘No swearing. No drinking. No stealing. No fires.’

Trailing a reluctant 16-year-old daughter and armed with cake making equipment, Evie’s divorce and impending poverty has made her desperate enough to return to Sweet Meadow to seduce her former partner-in-crime and start again.

But the townsfolk have long memories and the renegade ex-boyfriend is now the highly-respected pastor. Evie’s cakes have a job to do.

Tash M

Snappy Chick- lits are easy to devour and no surprise that Those Pleasant Girls was read in one sitting. Setting in the small town of Sweet Meadow, the return of the Pleasant girls has everyone’s tongues wagging. As the wild child is back and people only remember to well the havoc she used to cause and haven’t forgiven her for the pain and suffering she caused then.

However Evie  isn’t the same girl. She transformed herself into  something like a  50’s housewife with the pinup hair and clothes in the hopes of fitting in and projecting a cultivated appearance as part of her new me image. However the reality is she is  dragging her  sorry tail home, as her life is in tatters and her old hometown is only place she can give her daughter  Mary home to live in .  In her childhood home.  As her ex Gabe who is the perfect father in Mary’s eyes is holding out on the divorce payment and  running round the world  with a younger girlfriend.

And that is  only the start of it. Expecting a return more welcoming, and those pranks put behind her. She hopes to prove to the community specifically Nathan that she has changed and get the guy she crushed on as a teenager.

Yet it he has done the changing and now is the town stalwart as the priest  of the church where everyone attends whether they like it or not.  Evie is left behind and she is determined to woo the town with her baking and  become a proud citizen adored by all and win Nathan.

However those pleasant  girls is a whisper that isn’t going to away in a hurry.   As Evie got her worked cut out from the moment she arrives in town with a literal bang. Despite the new me Evie , she couldn’t shake her  personality and whilst she may have grown up  and set a goal . She was still the wild child in some aspects and it made for some fun antics as she dealt with her past.


She didn’t realise the bigger picture as she was so set on one goal and though she was endearing, you wanted to still grab her by the ear and say listen to those who cared .  Even though she did tried to make up for the past and did humbled herself. She still had the wildness in her and it showed when she used it for good for helping others and the community. Though   I was half invested in the whole second chance aspect with Nathan and hope they would return to pranks at some point given their shared history..

However it was the younger generation taking up the mantle but Mary was never the child that Evie was. She may had one or two moments though.

Whilst Evie is the main cause for concern in the beginning and shapes the novel for the main arc.  The book does also follow Mary who deals with the aftermath of the divorce. She has  her life uprooted in her eyes and sees Evie as the bad parent to a extent.  She doesn’t get her mother’s actions and it’s an odd pairing considering that Mary doesn’t care about appearances yet has her head screwed on more straight then her mother’s at times. Her story entwined with her mother’s worked well . As it showed the other side of things, not fitting in  and dealing with typical teenage problems whilst dealing with her parents and emotions.  She quite a character and sometimes you felt more sorry for her then her mother.

As the teenager problems raised its ugly head  . She went from a girl who saw things black and white. She struggled with her father for most of the book so it wasn’t surprising by the end that she expected things from Gabe to a less extent.  She found her way which was the main thing even though it got hairy for a little while.

Evie and Mary’s story was fun and with a bit heart.  Two woman bond together by life, love and blood . Weston’s   Those Pleasant Girls was zany tale that provided plenty of entertainment and I enjoyed this chick- lit tale .



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