Review: One Night…Twin Consequences (The Monticello Baby Miracles #1) by Annie O’Neil

One Night … Twin Consequences 

Series : The Monticello Baby Miracles

Publisher : Harlequin Medical Romance

Source : Publisher

Release Date :  June 1st 2016


Unexpected surprises come in twos!

When Dr. Matteo Torres invites nurse Harriet Monticello to work with orphans in Buenos Aires, her head says yes! It’s something she’s always wanted to do…although her heart is wary of the irresistible off-limits doc. Shy Harriet isn’t used to taking anything for herself, and yet before they board the plane for Argentina, the chemistry between them combusts and they give in to just one night together…

But their night of recklessness isn’t without consequences. And now Harriet has nine months to melt this brooding doctor’s heart!

Tash M

I love a mini series and when I read this  it made want to go and read the second one to see what happened with the other twin. It’s these sort of books I  love to read even if the book isn’t perfect . In the first instalment we are introduced to two hard working medical professionals Harriet and Matteo.

Both are committed to their patients and Harriet has become known around the hospital for her work.  So  when visiting doctor Matteo  buts heads with her at first. You can figure out where this story is going as Matteo maybe challenging Harriet’s dedication.  He isn’t a bad sort otherwise. He wants to do what best for the people first and you have to admire that.  Harriet is railroaded into her dreams but you can’t help think that is this fate. As Matteo is offering what she dreamt of doing as a nurse , helping the vulnerable .

I love the idea of this book and you  probably can work out the storyline based on the title and the blurb. But it’s only part of the fun picking up one of these titles.  This isn’t my favourite title from this author but I did enjoy the storyline  though it was cliché in some ways. The leads were committed individuals  and passionate about things.  This why I keep coming back to this line as I enjoyed reading these committed people in their elements even though there is romance involved. Plus the sister bond between the sisters which tied the mini series together well and made you invested into this book.

One Night, Twin Consequences, maybe not the perfect book but it is enjoyable and something I could easy read a dozen of because it’s light and entertaining.  Sometimes you need something like this and I loved reading this novel even though it was cliché.  It’s perfect when you want  to get away for a little while without leaving the room.

3.5 couples


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