Review: At Odds with the Midwife (Oklahoma Girls #1) by Patricia Forsythe

At Odds With the Midwife

Series :  Oklahoma Girls

Publisher Harlequin Heartwarming

Source :  Netgalley

Release Date : November 1st 2016


From high school crush to enemy number one 

Gemma has always been a rescuer. Birds with broken wings, abandoned baby raccoons…anything that needs help. But when it comes to her lifelong crush, doctor Nathan Smith, she has to curb her natural instincts. All of them. Nathan doesn’t trust midwives, and he doesn’t want her help.

Back in town to restore the community hospital his father bankrupted, Nathan’s just as determined to shut down the birthing center. How can Gemma Whitmire save her center and prove Nathan–and the other critics–wrong? And more important, how can she stop falling for him?

Tash M

Initially the title of this book caught my attention as I was going through my books on my ipad. Whilst I thought this was from the medical line initially  . I think the heartwarming line fits it better now that I have read it.

The kick book  to the  Oklahoma Girls series introduces to a small town that is home to three friends who all grew up  in the town. Now Adults they have all forge their own careers and  are living to the fullest taking advantage of small town life

Until the town black sheep returns back to town and butts heads with Gemma on everything from her work as a midwife to her life .

Nathan Smith’s family was once the golden family. His dad ran the hospital and the family was loved. Until his dad stole the money and ran away leaving Nathan, his mother and sister to deal with aftermath. Now he is back to right the wrong and reopen the hospital. Something that midwife Gemma is for given the small town needs it  .

However they are at odds on the purpose of midwifes and her plan to open a clinic. Something he doesn’t believe in. But why ?

Gemma grew up the opposite and fought her way to be accepted by the town. With her hippie parents she was always going to be talked about but she rose above when  she went away and came back older and wiser.  However Nathan was a person she thought she would never see again. He might have been the golden child  and a friend to her but now the tables have changed.

Gemma is willing to fight him even if means going against even when she needs him.  As she may be the child of hippies but Gemma isn’t crazy. Only if she could  convince Nathan that she isn’t causing harm and she can be useful. As everyone has their place in this town and both are needed. Only if they can both realise what is in front of them.

I loved my first introduction to this town. A small town that  is trying to reinvent their itself  and reclaim what they lost. I loved that our characters in the midst of it . Trying to do their bit even though they at odds. Whilst it was predictable how this story was going to end because of that tension and history.  It was fun seeing the story played out and the twist the author chucked in to make it more interesting. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series and see this town return its former glory .



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